Drodorian Races?




I looked and looked in the RPG book but there is little or no explanation of WHAT the drodorian races are. What does "drodorain" mean? Who are they? Where do they come from?

Does Drodorian just mean non-human? How many different races are there? What are they?

I'd like info on how to play them. The only ones i found were casual mentionings of the dwarves of Bor, Giants of Starn, the Kloons and the Ogrons. Are there any more i don't know about? What do the Kloons look like? I imagined basically DnD Gnomes.

Any help from August and the guys would be apreciated.
A Kloon's described in book 6 as having reddish skin, green hair, and weepy eyes. I dunno why, I always saw them with a large carrotish nose.
A Drodarin race called the Patar became known as the Redeemers.

The only details for a Kloon that I found were unblinking crimson eyes and stunted features.
Okay according to the Magnumund Companion the Drodarin Nations and their unique races are as follows, it seems as they are the all offshoots of an elder race or races...

Starn (Giants), Caron (blue skinned creatures called the Ogrons, in constant threat from the Cenerese and related to the dwarves of Bor), The Kelderwastes (lizard-men decendants of the Agarashi who fled there after the fall of Naaros), Bor (dwarves of Bor).

Looking at this I would guess that Drodarin is a term for the more exotic species of Magnumund?

*Checks the Magnumund Companion*

Yeah they mention a few human nations under the Drodarin catagory but the section is headed Dradarin and Primitive cultures and they mention are the grassland nations etc. that seem less advanced than the others detailed so I figured they were the Primitive part of the heading (in the Companion)

But it also mentions that humans live in many of the Drodarin Nations I mentioned above also...and it also names a single human city in the lizard-folk realm

P195. Caron, the Freestate of


The Freestate of Caron was formed as a partnership between the Ogron ... and Drodarin humans, giants and dwarves."


"The humans of Caron are also a healthy people, with a touch of ancestry from millenia past."



"2514 Great Plague decimates Drodarin and Elder Magi

(paragraph 2) The Drodarin, a collective of Old Races, including giants and dwarves."

So my supposition is that the Drodarin are an alliance of Old Races, along with some human tribes. Perhaps formed during the war of 4608.
:shock: A very good idea, that ... The thought of the name "Drodarin" relating to an alliance never crossed my mind before! Sounds rather convincing to me. :D