Drodorian Races sourcebook?



Who out there is as facinated with the Drodorian Races as I am? Maybe its my facination with obscure refferences, but I've always wandered who, what and where they were. What was their story?

And, who wants to see a Drodorian sourcebook? Heck, I'd love to play non humans in Lone Wolf. I want stats to play an Ogron and Kloon dang it!

This is a golden opportunity to explore an entirely empty part of the Lone Wolf world. Lets see some info about the non human races, what they look like, where they live. Stats on them, history and unique items and classes.

who's with me?
Yes a Drodorin source book would be very good. Prehaps a races of Magnamund allowing for Kundi and Nudniks as well and possibly some other races I have forgotten.