Drakh Aft AA Lasers


After LBH recently got the offical ruling on the aft-only HNL having the AA (it does) I started to try to reason out why that would be.

I know. Mistake No. 1: the "R" word.

In the end I couldn't come up with anything really concrete. Consider this an open invitation to one and all for the most creative Aft-Only AA HNL reason!
The Drakh knew, that they must run after they had some shot at the enemy.
And to have a chance to get away they need a AA weapon in the Rear Arc so that they can hold the damn fighters at bay and because they have not so much room they must combine the AA trait with one of the heavy weapons.
now they need a new SA to move backwards as this ship would be better doing that, perhaps at half speed, or even quarter speed with no turns, would allow for differant manouvering from other ships too, specifically ones reaching the edge of the board :)
The contractors had the installation instructions for the weapons upside down and it should have been on the front?
The Drakh installed them as Reversing lights, if you listen carefully you can hear; "Warning, vehicle is reversing" :twisted:
Could be; maybe they're able to modulate the topography of the projection zone of the psychogravitic drive, to render feasible gravimetric deflection of the neutron stream.

Isn't technobabble wonderful?

What I really think is that Matt Sprange was suffering from temporary brain overload, and overlooked just what a spectacularly unusual and unlikely combination of traits that makes.
When they bought the Neutron Cannons, they thought "AF" meant "Aloevera Facials". The Drakh have terrible problems with their skin condition.
Greg Smith said:
Celisasu said:
Lorcan Nagle said:
Invert the polarity of the neutron flow?
Inverting the polarity fixes EVERYTHING!

Shouldn't that be 'Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow'? (The only technobabbble the late, great Jon Pertwee could remember.)

Though, technically, I don't believe the neutron flow has a polarity since neutrons don't have a charge.
Well we'll just ask a random engineer to twiddle with the flux capacitor. We'll even promise to give him both a first and a last name if he does so. That should make him really eager to get his technobabble working.
Well to be fair, is it really obvious on anything cept the raiders? and the Butt plug? :lol:
Butt plug? new one for me, which one is that?

And here i thought you couldnt get much lower than plucked chicken.....