Well, you got it. I spent a Lot of thought about this matter, for another project of mine.

Playing a Dilgar would be like playing an Nazi War Criminal - in full SS uniform - after all, it's hard to get rid of one's racial characteristics; sure you can wear a hooded robe, but that will take you only as far as the next checkpoint - and whoever sees you Will talk, and word will get around... So unless you command enough firepower to make a Drazi warbird or two back off, don't expect your PC to survive very long. Because they at least Will send whole starships to get you once they hear of you (hotheaded lizards they are). And other league races might too, if a bit later and with a bit more of a plan. Of course, all of them will be "rouge elements", and their government will be very "sad" that they shot up everything around you...

More interesting would be playing an former Dilgar spy, with cosmetic surgery to look like a Brakiri for example - but as in all espionage settings, if your big ugly secret gets out for Any reason (like a medical scan, someone giving your past a very through check, etc.), expect many people popping up, all who will want to kill you (or worse - just ask Talia).

Another sometimes brought up idea is a bunch of Dilgar who escaped the league blockade & terminal sunburn and set up shop elsewhere, for players to encounter.
Yees, it can be one of those "should the children be punished for the sins of their fathers..." moral dilemma problems, especially when their society is a mix of new generation Dilgarlings and old guard; or it could be an group of Dilgar that objected to the whole war because they were not as nasty, left instead of participating and now may have to be protected from possible league "avengers" who think only a dead dilgar -any dilgar- is a good one; or it could even be a shadowy threat behind the scenes of an long campaign - an hidden Dilgar base sending out agents and strike forces in the hopes of subtly weakening the IA so that their "second imperium" can send in their fleet of clone troopers a few decades later and finish the job they started back in 2229... maybe even with assistance from a mysterios force located on the rim of known space... :wink: for the players to slowly uncover hints of, encounter agents from and try to get their location to send in the fleet before they succeed in some nefarious plan or whatever...
(Oh, yees, all the old classic storylines around post-1945 Nazis fit here too - tons of books, movies or roleplaing info that can be recycled by an enterprising GM)

Possibilities, possibilities...
My PCs found a small peaceful Dilgar colony and didn't report thrm to anyone.

Think Quakers or some such non-violent group here on earth.
I plan on using the 'Truth behind the Dilgar War' as a back drop to a Season one campaign.

The rough idea is that duing the war,t he Dilgar went out looking for traces of the First Ones to further there plans. Obviously, the Dilgar are mostly gone, but a few still exisit, and some of the [strike]lost Arks[/strike] information and relics they left behind will form the backbone of a plot that ties directly into the series.
Shameless plug...the Galaxy Guide includes many of the races and worlds of the Dilgar war, many drawn (with permission and help) from AOG's material and others newly created.

I normally don't hype my own work, but I'm really, really, proud of the GG, esp. Chapter 3. Every. Single. System. On. The. Map. Documented. It seemed like such a great idea when I submitted the outline. I mean, how many could there be?

About 190, as it turns out. And not one gets the "Mostly Harmless" treatment. (Granted, some get a lot more than others, but all of them get something useful.)

So, if you've ever wondered about the Dilgar colony on Wahant, or any other name on the map, the GG is the answer. While the GG is "as of" 2258, with notes on some future events, there is enough informtion there on the worlds which were impacted by the Dilgar War to make running a campaign set in that time period a bit easier.

End shameless plug

If a Dilgar War supplement is ever on the schedule, I'd love to work on it, but both the product and who might get to write it are utterly out of my control.
Lizard said:
Shameless plug...
Haven't I been mentioning an "B5 System Guide supplement" idea pretty much since I came to the earlier version of the mongoose boards? :wink:



Comrade! (Whoops - better not let the guys from the new Mongoose Paranoia RPG see this one)

Finally! I can't wait to take a look at it...
redlaco said:
Plug on without shame, Lizzie ! 8)
I'm sure you have reason to be proud of it...

He's got tons of reason. Just back up the dumptruck full of cash and enjoy! Sure it's a Tonka dumptruck, but still. . . :)