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Intelligence, Espionage and Scouting

In any campaign, ships are important but a good Intel Team is the Eyes, Ears and shield of the fleet.
You may make 1 Intel Action for free each campaign turn; any of these Actions may be boosted by spending 5 RP’s per bonus point to the dice roll. All rolls are 2d6.

Code breaking: If you capture a vessel from another faction you may attempt to crack its security codes and have reprogrammed it for your own use. It requires an Intel roll of 11+ and 2 RP’s to make the attempt. Note: there is more to utilising an enemy vessel than this, but this is the step necessary to allow you to use the ship.

Demo Team: You use a Special Forces mission to successfully infiltrate an opposing faction’s vessel and plant a demolition charge somewhere important. This vessel must be in a Flag that you have encountered and identified and, if successful, the charge is noted and may be activated at any time. Difficulty 10+. If you are successful you may detonate the charge at any time, roll 1 automatic critical roll and apply it immediately to vessel.

Grab’n’run: A specially trained team steal 1d6 RP’s from an opposing factions requires an Intel roll of 8+.

Passive Surveillance. By concentrating many of your resources on surveillance and watching your enemies you gain an insight into their Plans. This effect gives you a chance to ask the GM for information about a flags transit and composition, requires an Intel roll of 8+.



Before the war very few jumpgates were in existance. It was really only after the EA led victory over the Dilgar that a practical jumpgate network was developed. Showing thier gratitude for the assistance the EA had provided and by the good will of the LONAW this led to the Golden age of the EA.

The Jumpgate is an advanced piece of Technology which gives the owner a major advantage in moving their fleets around via hyperspace. A Jumpgate costs 50 RP to build in a particular sector. Having control of a Jumpgate gives you a number of advantages. The major advantage is that you may freely move one of your Flags from 1 Jumpgate to the other location in only 1 day.
This is an incredible strategic advantage to fleet movement and reaction time.

Inter system Jumps

An inter-system jump is a dangerous manoeuvre at the best of times, during war time the added radiation, sensors ghosts and Interstellar “clutter” from the surrounding systems make this even more difficult and it is a brave captain who orders his Flag to conduct this manoeuvre. 1 vessel is nominated as the “Flagship” and makes the roll for the entire Flag as follows;
A CQ test with a target of 10+ must be passed, if this is successful then the entire Flag moves through Hyperspace to the target sector .If the test fails, roll a d6 and consult the following chart:

1 Lost in Space! The Flag is lost in Hyperspace and struggling to return, make a further Insystem CQ test next turn, and if this is also failed apply this result again next turn. i.e. count as a roll of 1. If this occurs a 3rd time, the Flag is gone forever… If the 2nd or 3rd test is successful apply the next result down to the Hyperspace exit location.

2-3 We’re not in Kansas any more…. The Flag comes out of Hyperspace in totally the wrong location, roll 1d6 for sector direction and 2d6 for distance. It is into this hex that the Flag emerges.

4-5 Almost there! As above but only 1d6 for distance.

6 Just a jump to the left…. Roll 1d6 and apply it, the Flag emerges in the adjacent sector in this direction.

Intersystem Mis-jump Table
If you have a Scout ship in the Flag you may add +1 to the Mis-jump roll. Be Warned, Inter system Jumps are potentially powerful but also very dangerous.

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