Dilgar War pack ready for download


Cosmic Mongoose
G Quan said:
^^^may all be, but I want to play these ships without 1h discusion pre battle. And no one from now will used the units from the fleet list- you kill that ship :cry:

surely you either play acta as written, or play one of the many fan supplements. as long as you know which you are playing, then their should be no argument about which set of stats to use.
at the recent tourney, if i had been able to use the G'Kar from Katadders supplement, I would have done. but we were playing ships from the official lists, and using the optional as written TBS.
as you are a FOW player, this is just like choosing your era, I trust you don't get players wanting to take a king tiger for North Africa!

G Quan

I´ve got a other perspective on the fleet. I don´t see the fleet as one fan fleet, one official fleet and may be a one turnement fleet. I take a look at althogether as one unit.
I still being workout the same projekt ( The early years Narn Fleet) for months. The building of real ships is stagnate this time a little so I have to build the ISA fleet for Kettering 20/02 within the last months and now some reinforcements and a border station for the during campaign.
If this is done, the early fleet comes back in focus and some ships in build-dock they no one have never seen before 8)

The most of the ships in the D. W. P. I have instantly take over in my fleet list. Only the T Loth Bulk Carrier (with 2 Gorith on it) make no sense. If you want a Fleet Auxiliary craft take the T’Sorn Class Reclamation Ship.

The AP T`Rakk is to good. Please have a look at the AP T´Loth.
2 AP T´Rakks in a squad have (outside the mainweapon) 6 AD AP all around, 2 truns, more speed and the two ship boni. If one ship from the squad take the crit "Weapons only on +4" you stop 25 % from the fire out of this squad.
The T´Loth is one ship! If it suffering the same crit you stop 50% fire (4+ roll are a 50/50 roll). It have less speed, 1 turn less, lumbering and only 8 AD AP all around. These are just 2/3 AD from the T`Rakk squad.
Under this supposition, a T´Loth is only to use if you need the troops and/ or shuttles.
To compare the AP T`Rakk with the Fleet list T`Raak is all said. If you see the fleet as a whole and not as some splittings... the fleet look like a nice all around ball - and the AP T´Raak is a disruptive spike on this ball :wink:
I May life with F 6 AD AP / sides 5 AD AP / A 4 AD AP.
So it still better than the T´Loth but not more than the "normal" FL T´Rakk to the FL T´Loth better is. And player got to make a choice to use the fleet list TR with Scout to have more AD Tw-L or that one that a little simpler hits with lesser AD.



I haven't checked the boards here for quite some time, and I check today to see Da Boss is done with the Dilar War. Awesome.

Thanks you fine sir for all your work on the project.


@ Da Boss:
Experimented with a game of Free Balosian (Breakthrough stat) vs Dilgar last weekend. My friend argued that since Balosians use bolters and pulsars, they should deal triple and double damage criticals respectively. I argued that the Masters of Destruction special rules affect the race (Dilgar), not weapons (even when they were of Dilgar design). They should therefore deal criticals as normal.

I might be a bit biased since I was playing the Dilgar. So, which one of us was right? :?

Da Boss

hi Glad to hear its being used :)

It was not my intention for the Balosians to use Masters of Destruction - in the same way as the Abbai don't benefit from this rule on their bolter armed ships :)


Ah, thanks for that. Well, they are seriously well thought ships, shame to waste them. You really did LC's novel full justice with the DW. Made me reread the novel.

Right now I'm itching to try a Space Race scenario..with a Millenium Falcon.. 8)

Anyway we settled the Balosian argument with a coin toss which he won. It definitely felt broken when used that way, since I previously managed to beat a pre-war Balosian only marginally. Of course that may have to do with me not being a real Dilgar player, or not playing with real Dilgar models! ;)


so charles are you thinking of putting on a big dilgar war day'o gaming..or maybe alla MGP did a while back split up folks into two sides over a weekend?
Defeat means extinction...but for which side?


TGT said:
so charles are you thinking of putting on a big dilgar war day'o gaming..or maybe alla MGP did a while back split up folks into two sides over a weekend?
Defeat mean extinction...but for which side?

OOOOOHHHH.... I like that idea :twisted: :D


Cosmic Mongoose
i think we should all camp in the grounds of the house :)

um, ok, "if" a dilgar war event were on, um, i should read the pdf to choose a fleet i guess. . .


to be frank the oppertunity to play a large scale Dilgar war battle is why I've kept so many ships for my EA early and Dilgar fleets


Cosmic Mongoose
I actually think i would try one of the new league fleets, would need suitable proxies but that shouldn't be too hard.


Have a Dilgar War Campaign Weekend done like the Earth Centauri War weekend we had a Mongoose.

Have a Supreme Admiral for each side. Have a time line as well for the battles. The first game is the beginning of the Dilgar War and the last game is the final battle is the end of the Dilgar War. In each game different fleets can be used. So in early games only certain league fleets can be used and progress from there.

Maybe make each game a pivitol event from the novels. :D


yep i agree
i'd also like to have some wider stratergy weaved into each battle
maybe a 2 day campaign system...i'll have a think how i can tailor the one i've worked on previously


Campaign Background

The Campaign pack outlined below is intended to support a hex map based narrative B5 Campaign for the Dilgar War. This pack ties in with Da Boss’ Dilgar War fan pack, all ships and special rules are covered in this pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tm024mmyygj

The Campaign is intended to run over two days. Two equal sides of players clash to determine the outcome of the Dilgar War.
Broken into 2 phases;
Conquest - Day 1
The Dilgar side will be led by a Grand Admiral who will decide grand strategy, provide resources and direct his fleet and that of his subordinates. Initially the LONAW will have to stand and fight alone.
Extinction or Victory- Day 2
Both sides will be led by a Grand Admiral who will decide strategy, provide resources and direct his fleet and that of his subordinates and allies.

Campaign Pack background

The Campaign has a tiered structure to allow levels of strategic detail to be worked into the Campaign.
Each Player will be the commander of a starting force chosen from the races as outlined below. One player from either side will also be a Grand Admiral.

Campaign Fleets

Choose one race from;
Dilgar, EA-Early, Abbai, Balosians, Brakiri, Cascor, Descari, Drazi, Hurr, Hyach, Ipsha, Markab, Pak’Mar’a, Vree, the Centauri Republic or the Narn Regime. The choice of fleet will dictate starting locations and affect the GMs (Games Masters) strategy and game play.

Starting Forces are limited to 10 FAP’s (Fleet Allocation Points) at Battle level as per the Dilgar War pack. CQ of 4 for all ships as necessary (excl. Flag ship CQ 5)
You start with 50RP points as an allocation of logistics from higher command. This initial starting Fleet constraint is imposed:

Primary Task Force: 5 Pts Battle fleet, players may select a maximum of 1 War Level Ship only, which acts as the Flagship.
You may allocate your Flagship to any other ship of any other level however if you select a War level ship it MUST be your Flagship.

Recon Patrol: 3 Pts Raid force. MUST include at least 1 Scout ship if 1 is available to your fleet

A max of 3 additional Independent Squadrons: Remaining Fleet assets distributed as desired.
All ships must be in or before the ISD date of 2232.

Each Fleet (max of 5 as above) is represented for Hex movement by a Flag on the campaign map.


Campaign Turn structure

The Start of the Campaign- the Initial phase

You assign ships to Flags for the campaign turn; note this on the Order Sheet.
Issue Flag transit routes from the starting hex and issue orders for days within the campaign turn; note this on the Order Sheet

Spend part or all of the initial 50 RP points.
Adjust RP level mark this on your Intelligence sheet.

Hand in your Order sheets to the Campaign Games Master (GM).

End of Campaign Initial phase
GM Phase. Plotting fleet transit and noting items of Intelligence for players.

Start of each subsequent Campaign turn.

Note Campaign turn number where applicable
Assign ships to dividing Flags for the new campaign turn if applicable.
Issue Flag transit routes from starting hex and issue orders for days within the campaign turn.

Spend part or all of the RP points remaining or that have been generated by your support infrastructure (GM will tell you), note this on your intelligence sheet as applicable.

Hand in your Order sheets which you have filled out, also return the Discovery and Intelligence sheets to the Campaign Games Master (GM).

End of Campaign turn phase
GM Phase for plotting transit and noting items of Intelligence.


Definitions of the Campaign Pack support material

(an xls file can be emailed to you please pm me your email)

Orders Sheet
Intelligence Sheet
Hex Map Sheet (map to be worked out)
All the above support material is provided within the Excel File B5_Campaign.xls

Orders Sheet

The crux of the Campaign is the movement of Fleets (denoted as Flags) in their role as defenders and aggressors. Each Campaign Turn lasts 7 weeks/days (arbitary unit) and each day (?) of transit moves a Flag 1 hex where noted.
To assist the GM all players denote the transit of each of their Flags on a daily basis.
Starting with the initial hex and ending 7 days (?) later in their transit destination.
For each of these days (?) an action order is required and is defined at the bottom of the Orders sheet.
An example is given below
Order Definition
Ignore Flag will transit assigned route and not engage opposing forces
Engage Flag will transit assigned route and engage hostile forces
Actively Engage Flag will transit assigned route and will move to engage hostiles along search corridor
Transit Flags moving into hex's reveal territory status

Intelligence Sheet
With expenditure of RP points interesting events may unfold!

Hex Map Sheet
Provided so each player may keep track of their own Flags, plan transiting of new territories and discovered assets.
I'll also have a large hex map cloth to track player movement and allow players to see transits.


Resources and Campaign turns

As the campaign progresses each player will accrue (& lose) RP (resource) points which will significantly impact upon their ability to repair their fleet and draw upon additional support from Homeworld. The amount of RP points you have is tracked over the Campaign Turns on the Intelligence sheets. However all RP’s at the end of the Campaign turn must be returned to the GM clearly marked on the Intelligence Sheet.

Reinforcements. Reinforcements may be purchased as per normal rules.

Ship Experience. These rules are exactly as listed in 2nd ed. E.g. you may increase crew quality, conduct minor repairs and use Tactical Judgement.

Other Duties These rules are exactly as listed in 2nd ed.


Named locations will generate RP’s
There are a number of Named locations which the GM has information on but are represented on the map and all players should know their location.
These will generate specific RP’s and benefits which will become apparent.

Seizing Locations
If you move into a location and it is either uncontested or you win the battle for dominance then you have “seized” that location.

Repairs and Refits.
Repairs. As with refits, you may not conduct any major repairs on your vessels in deep space. You have access to a Shipyard, you may elect to either return the ship to Homeworld (as per normal Campaign rules) or spend RP as follows:
Crippled ships: may not be repaired at all without a Shipyard.
Vital System Criticals: may not be repaired at all without a shipyard.
Critical Hits on non vital systems may be repaired at 1RP per hit.
5 Damage points may be repaired at 1RP.



Built within location hexes either captured or starting.

Sensor Satellite: A range of 2 hexes, all information regarding ship movements, etc in this sensor range is fed back to you. 10 RP.

Comsat: Adds +1 to all of your Ship Initiatives for battles conducted within 2 hexes of this Satellite. A Comsat is also required to control either a Beam or Missile Sat. 10 RP.

Beamsat: A Beamsat has the following stats:
Rng: 30” Dmg: 2ADStats: AP, Beam, Double Damage 5 RP Hull: 4 Hull Points: 10
Missilesat: A Missilesat has the following stats:
Rng: 30” Dmg: 3ADStats: Super AP, Triple Damage, Slow loading 5 RP Hull: 4 Hull Points: 10 both cost 10 RP each

Beacon: A specialised signal beacon may be setup and positioned, giving your Flags something to home in on from Hyperspace. This will add +1 to all CQ checks for Insystem Jumps. 10 RP

All construction related activities should be noted on your Intelligence sheet.