Difficulty / Timer explanation


Howdy y'all,

I just wanted to get some brainstrust clarification on the Difficulty and Timer rules.

1. Does the timer go down by 1 after everyone at the table has had a go at doing ONE thing? After watching a playthrough on Youtube, the group had a 2/4 to fix something on a ship. The GM got that one player at the table to continually roll his dice over and over again until he got those two successes - but that didnt seem right. Surely the timer goes down by 1 after everyone at the table has had 1 turn to TRY and put victories towards their task?

2. Do victory result stack between rolls / players. For example, if something is 12/5, Player A rolls 1 victory in their turn, then player B rolls 1 in their turn, which now means the task is at 10/5 till it is completed?
1. Yes, by and large (unless the GM has a reason otherwise), the timer should go down by 1 after everyone has done something.

2. Basically yes, if they are all working at the same task (if they are doing completely different things, no :)).

Hope that helps!