Different Spells.



I've been going through the LW gamebooks recently (ah, nostalgia!) and noticed that there are several spells that are not featured in the RPG. For example, in Shadow On The Sand, Banedon casts a spell that fills a Drakkarrims armour with insects, whilst another Dark Warrior is crushed. In a later book, Chiban makes food magically appear, and so on.
It occurred to me that, whilst organisations like the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star might jealously guard there secrets, there might be a number of spells that open to anyone of magical ability. Rather than being learnt automatically at a new level, a character would have to seek out a teacher, and pay a substantial cost, both financial and in terms of experience points. Learning some spells might only be possible if certain requirements, such as Int modifier or Basic Magical Combat Skill, are met.
As out of date as my response is....

So long as you can make it work within the theme of the game and not grow too unbalancing, the introduction of new elements can work. You've just got to be careful that your spellcaster can't buy his way to power while everyone else has to kill their way to the top the old-fashioned way. If it's a few spells here and there, that's fine, but if every city harbors a mage who will sell a sweet new power for a moderate price, it gets out of hand.
sadly i feel magic is very underrated in LW, there should be a LOT more spells for each magic using class, more like DnD i guess particularly as the Brotherhood were in a way the peers of the Kai Lords, which was why they were the second target of the second black muster (apart from being a convenient stop off between the monastary and Holmgard)
The sort of spells I was thinking of come in two types. The first is the sort of thing that could be considered convinient or helpfull, but not powerfull. Spells to keep your clothes clean and dry, to provide illumination like that of a candle, that sort of thing.
Secondly, you have much more powerfull spells. Whilst these would allow an adept much power, they should be less effective than Brotherhood or Dessi magic. For example, an offensive spell that works like the first tier (and ONLY the first) of Lightning Hand, but does Bludgeoning damage rather than Electrical, and has a DC of 18 rather than 15 to cast.
I think my main concern here is that I simply do not like the idea of the Adept NPC having easy access to Dessi and Brotherhood magic. But maybe that is just me.
i agree, i found i didnt like the idea of an adept having spells from those two classes, they should have had their own weaker spells