Dazhia class Counsil Cruiser deck plan

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Some time ago I wanted to use the Zhodani Dazhia class Counsil Cruiser for an adventure idea. Unfortunately the deck plan key is missing for several ships in my Zhodani Alien Manual, so I decided to guess forth my own, and this is what I came up with:

Dazhia deck plan key

1. Bridge
2. Crew ready room/lounge (Tonnage taken from bridge)
3. Briefing room OR captain’s office/day cabin?
4. Common room/dining area
5. Common room/galley, lounge
6. Circulation/access space?
7. Briefing room & library
8. Briefing room & library
9. Lower deck/gunnery access
10. ?? (Can’t find it on the deckplan)
11. 11 across corridor
12. Low berths (tonnage matches)
13. Airlock/elevator access
14. Access corridor/interdeck access
15. Briefing room
16. Pinnace docking area
17. Common room/crew lounge and/or access space, elevator access
18. Engineering of some sort
19. Lower deck/engineering access corridor
20. Gunnery access corridor
21. Launch control/inspection space for courier (?). Note that the room has an access hatch, but the courier lacks upper deck exterior access, so it can’t be used for boarding.
22. Hangar/engineering/elevator access
23. Engineering
24. Engineering
25. Engineering
26. Main cargo bay
27. Secondary cargo bay (?)
28. Courier docking space (?)
29. Courier boarding area
30. Boarding ramp/upper deck access
31. Air/raft

Does it sound reasonable? Any comments, objections or suggestions to improve it?

I also had plans to convert it to 2nd edition rules, but at the speed I’m currently working the official version will probably be out before I’m done :)
Thanks, I’m kinda satisfied so far.

2 (or 3) could be “operations deck” (whatever that is?) which would be in line with other designs in the book.

11 should be access corridor, not across (mistype and autocorrect ftw).

15 could be something other than briefing room, I just don’t know what. The problem is that I have three possible briefing rooms right now, and only two in the list on p.100, but no.3 could be captain’s day cabin/office.

There are a couple more uncertains, 17, 21, 26-29 but I feel like I’ve got most of them right.
Or... If a hatch is on that outer wall of the room, then it is an airlock/docking room to board ships and spaceports.
That's certainly a possibility, but there's already an airlock on that deck, quite close to room 15. Just above turret no.G5 and through room 13. Another airlock can be found on the Hangar Deck, off the aft port corner, so I'm inclined to go for ship's locker at 15, unless the locker is in a place like 6, 17 or 19 i.e not a separate room but more of a storage area (like on the Zdebr trader in the same book, so there's some precedent for non-enclosed lockers on Zhodani ships)