Deckplans are hard. I am trying this custom yacht and they all look bad.



To: Bea Yorrij, Imperium Heavy Industries, Yacht Division

From: Vidon Mor (Lt Cdr, IN retired), project manager Dusador family JY "Amnesia".

Re our conversation, I present the family's requirements for Jump Yacht "Amnesia", a custom expedition yacht. I am acting as project manager and advisor on their behalf as it is the family's first yacht, and they are not well versed in the technicalities of spacecraft operation. The family are keen to be involved during the design and build process and will wish to view the yacht during construction. They will be happy to meet with you in person, in my company, to discuss the requirements further.

* Extended range expedition yacht "Amnesia", Imperial Space.

* Delivery before 001-1106.

* 3 parsecs jump fuel.

* Planetary landing, ground and water (assisted by anti-grav where required).

* Aerodynamic flight in standard atmospheres.

* Exotic-atmosphere capability.

* Wilderness refuelling.

* Self-sufficiency 12 weeks including maneuver and consumables.

* In addition to legally mandated rescue craft, internal docking for one small craft of at least 20 dtons, two exotic atmosphere & underwater air/rafts, and 4 g-bikes.

* Turret sockets installed.

* 20 dtons of cargo in addition to self-sufficiency.

* Designed supported guest complement: 12, in 2 suites and 4 staterooms.

* Owners suite minimum 162m3 (12 dtons) comprising bedroom, 2 separate en-suite head, dressing area, day room and office with communications equipment. This suite shall be "full beam" with full-height viewports on opposite sides, full-height forward-facing viewports with unobstructed view of the ship's flight path, and exterior "walk on hull" platforms for use when landed or during slow atmospheric flight.

* Privacy is very important for external areas of owners suite. They shall not be directly overlookable by any other part of the ship.

* One VIP guest suite of at least 108m3 (8 dtons) of three areas: sleeping area, day area with exterior platform, and en-suite head.

* Four regular guest suites of at least 54m3 (4 dtons) of two areas: sleeping area, and en-suite head.

* Main guest lounge with bar.

* Main guest dining area.

* Guest entry foyer with concierge station.

* Private lounge with bar.

* Minimum 2 day heads divided amongst communal guest areas.

* Entertainment Holodeck and swimming/zero-G area, usable both indoor and open-air.

* Outdoor, retractible, covered porch at ground level, and on top of ship, for use when landed, or during slow atmospheric flight.

* Guest accomodation area clearly separated from crew, staff and space-flight areas.

* Interior decor to make use of materials and artifacts from the family's home world of Ushra/Mekee (Core 1016). The supply of these materials is limited and may affect the interior outfitting schedule. The highest standards of workmanship are expected. The family are keen to have an interior designer from Ushra involved.

* Guest areas should be equipped with state of the art facilities as would be expected on a vessel of this type. Full entertainment suite and auto-shef in all staterooms and BBQ and showers on exterior deck areas.

* Additionally to ship crew, hospitality staff and mission specialists such as vehicle pilots, stewards, security, and local adventure guides, will number up to 12 individuals, 3 of which require single occupancy staterooms.

* The captain's cabin shall be adjacent to and have direct access to, the bridge.

* The chief engineer's cabin shall be adjacent to, and have direct access to, main engineering.

* One staff suite shall be adjacent to the owners suite, but with no direct access.

Please feel free to contact me to arrange an appointment. I await your reply.


Vidon Mor
To: Vidon Mor (Lt Cdr, IN retired), project manager Dusador family JY "Amnesia".

From: Bea Yorrij, Imperium Heavy Industries, Yacht Division

Honoured Sir!

I have discussed the topic with our lead artists, designers and naval architects, and we are confident that we can come up with a 600 dton design that - while perhaps not conform to every letter of your requirements - will be true to its spirit and will surely please the Dusador family and will represent their status and fine taste. To quote one of my Solomani ancestors: "The primary job of a yacht is to look beautiful." It would be a shame to compromise this motto, to sacrifice elegance that can be seen by all for a mere checkmark on a list. Of course, they are free to accompany the design process and weigh in on matters, but when it comes to artistic visions, too many cooks spoil the broth. If you would kindly convince them to trust us on this matter and give us free reign, I will personally guarantee that they won't be disappointed.

Yours sincerely,

Bea Yorriji, IHI Yacht Division

P.S.: The price tag will be around 300 MCr, paid on delivery
I just recently redrew the deck plans for Prince Harrick's yacht in Pirates of Drinax:


Very hard to redesign it with the specs described in the book. Almost no cargo space was left. Full disclosure: I made no attempt to fully marry the tonnage of the features to the deck plans. I just rearranged things so it has less cargo and commons space, more fuel and jump drive space, and the additional staterooms mentioned in the adventure.
This client doesn't follow trends, but sets them. When it comes to aesthetics, they're used to getting exactly what they want. That means their own, or unique aesthetics that doesn't look off the shelf.

400-600 dtons seems OK by High Guard rules. The actual size will probably be governed by the size of the landing pads at the Private Space Club. :)
Quick sketch:

A slightly utilitarian design by a General Products subsidiary.
600 Dt, J-3, 3 G, MCr ~300.
Can operate with a drop tank as a J-2 ship and a lot of cargo space, total 200 Dt (fuel/cargo containers).
Boat bay aft with two launches with a general 20 Dt hangar in between for vehicles.
Two lift shafts, one for guests and one for crew/staff, extends to the ground.
The forward half of the top deck is an opaque cupola, the front retracts to expose the veranda.
A balcony extends from the sides on the top deck.
The pool leads to severely restricted headroom in the starboard side of the bridge.
The hydroponic gardens form part of the passenger common areas.

6 passenger staterooms (1 Lux, 1 High, 4 regular)
6 staff staterooms.
9 crew staterooms.


Deck Plan:

Obviously needs to be rounded and polished.
Should probably be longer and narrower?
Current prototype layout.

Experimenting in blender to get the fuel looking right and not physically weak.

I'm not going to grid for rooms until the hull shape is done.

The second lounge will probably be a dome/blister on the hull underside. Nice view in space and access/view when landed.

edit: I think the elevator from family deck needs to go to the forward elevator on the guest deck. I might need to move the central foyer which will mess up shuttle boarding.

edit: The more I think about this the more I think the front part of the guest deck in the beak should be part of a 2-level family deck, and the guest deck therefore stays in the neck, without entering the beak. The VIP suite would then have its forward windows just above the bridge windows.

paltrysum said:
Full disclosure: I made no attempt to fully marry the tonnage of the features to the deck plans.

Important note here: This is perfectly acceptable and the guidelines for creating deck plans in High Guard were written with this very much in mind. A 10%(ish) deviancy on all tonnages for all items will allow for different manufacturers, referee fiat, variant technologies, and so forth.

Plus it makes it easier to fit everything where you want it :)
The yacht in the "open" configuration (don't do this if you are flying faster than 150 km/h):

"Closed" configuration:

yacht deckplan.jpg

Pdf with stats:
A more modest version, thrust 1 instead of 6, leads to being only 500 dtons and 100 MCr cheaper:

I'd go with the fast one, personally.
LSP Yachts of Regina has the honour of offering the Ellipsoid Dream:

Basically a smooth rounded half-ellipsoid with half-ellipsoid drive nacelles and "power-bulges" on the aft deck to accommodate the Launches.
Four sockets for pop-up turrets are standard (mustn't compromise the lined of the hull) on the ventral and dorsal side of each drive nacelle.
The hull is shielded against radiation and heat and reinforced against pressure to make any environment accessible.
Decks are 2.5 m high, with the necessary plumbing hidden in the curvature of the ship. Decks B and E has a normal 0.5 m plumbing layer under the deck since no convenient curvature is available.

Passenger Decks:
Passenger areas use transparent glassteel hull to the sides and overhead to give a spectacular view. The cover over the frontmost compartment can retract to the sides under the hull to make a patio. The area behind the Master Bedroom is reinforced with Armoured Bulkheads to form a safe room.
Balconies can be extended to the sides from the Deck C. Each cabin has a transparent sliding door (iris valve symbol) to give access to the balcony. The sliding doors locks in place in low external pressure. For safety each cabin forms an emergency airlock.

Crew Decks:
ZA1B5qg.pngThe boat bay is on the top deck to make it accessible even while landed in water. A hatch retracts to expose the Sun Deck (above the Spa), and the pool on Deck D can be raised to be flush with the Sun Deck.
The main lift extends down to the ground when landed and up to the Sun Deck while open and works as an airlock.
The ship has J-3 fuel, J-1 in fixed tanks and J-2 (120 Dt) in Fuel/Cargo containers, so it can carry more cargo with less range.
The Cargo Lift (a simple platform, no walls) extend from the top of the ship through the Vehicle Hangar down to the ground when landed. The ship can be loaded by the Launches.

The sides and top of the passenger Cabin is transparent glassteel for a spectacular view.
The Cabin is a full stateroom with long-term life-support for 2 people.
The beds fold away leaving space for 6 people in comfort.
The cargo hold can carry a standard 5 Dt container or an air/raft.
The extendable fins mimics the appearance of the ship, making the Launch look like a miniature of the ship (without the drive nacelles).
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Some nice plans here. All better than the the published plans and well thought out.

My poor art skills are showing. You're all so much better than I am at it.

My only real criticism is that the office should open to the owners lobby/foyer so that you can get meetings in without having attendees go all over your living room. It's so easy to fix that it's not really worth re-doing anything over. A captain might want bridge windows because of that time he couldn't trust the cameras, but to be fair, I think by this time they shouldn't need them. If you have so little power that video cameras are out, how are you even flying? You hould be able to pilot from any terminal anyway and there's no shortage of windows & displays on this ship.
I've looked at this again and I like it. It's got the sort of detail I like in a deck plan.

(Note that Common Areas are grossly oversized compared to ship stats.)

Passenger decks:

Access to Office (Deck A).

Crew decks:

Bottom of pool moved to correct position (Deck E).
Bridge displaced to Deck D (Deck E -> Deck D).
Staterooms moved around, Crew Lounge enlarged (Deck E).
Staff Galley moved to simplify Staff Lounge (Deck F).
Added missing Med Bay (Deck D).
Cargo Hold displaced from Deck D to centre of Decks E & F.


Moved Fresher & Galley to give access to passengers in cattle class.