Datasets for PCGen (Please oh Please!!)

I have been pleading with the folks at PCGen and CMP to do datasets of some of the Quintessential Series (particularly Ranger I + II), but no one is taking the bait.
Apparently Mongoose is allowing PCGen license to make the datasets, but none of the PCGen datamonkeys have taken on the project. So I BEG, PLEAD to any who are good coders and who know how to create datasets for PCGen to take up this very worthy cause.
Q. R. I+II are great books and I would love to have my PC's take some prestige classes/feats from them. Please don't make me have to keep track of my PC's by (shudder) pencil and paper!!! Nnnooooooo!!!
Does Mongoose Publishing have a rule for this?

I am working on data for the Shaman Class for DMGenie, and I don't want to get in trouble, or lose Mongoose any money.