Damage Types


Banded Mongoose
Can I ask what damage types there are in Traveller? I see Kinetic, Fire, Laser, Psionic, Stun. I also see Energy but I'm a little confused by that as there is armour that has this as a type for protection but I no weapons have it. I ask since I need to set up Fantasy Grounds to take account of this.
You don't really have damage types in Traveller - Stun is a trait, and the armour thing is a special rule that applies to only a very limited number of sets.
Thanks. There do seem to be quite a lot of armour suits with specific protections. Maybe a quarter? Radiation is another type I had missed. Fantasy Grounds has these types noted so that damage is handled correctly but currently 'energy' is not there.
Just looking at this more closely and for this to work on fantasy grounds I am going to have to assign damage types to weapons. I know that they are not written down explicitly but it does make a difference, so no laser weapon says that it does laser damage. However, ALL suits of Anti-Energy Armour from the updated central supply catalogue have specific defences. So Ablat is +1 against everything and +6 vs. lasers (only - so not other energy weapons).

I appreciate this is less of an issue when playing without a virtual tabletop and is an FGU issue rather than a Traveller one...