D20 Newbie Needs Help!


Hi! I've been RPing for a couple of decades, but D20 - OK D&D - has left me particularly unimpressed. It always did. With the new D&D3.0 and 3.5 its really the feats inflation that has kept me from even considering D&D as a viable game.

But I love Lone Wolf - and I note its OGL, and that it doesn't use feats (yey!!). But how crunchy is it? I like clean and simple character sheets, uncluttered and without tons of boring numbers that effectively innumerate a characters fighting potential and nothing else.

Should I buy it? I RP with 10 year olds at a school, and am hoping its D&D cut down enough that I can use it in my 1 hour a week gaming slots ...

What do you think?
Lone Wolf's system feels like D&D without actually being as...cluttered. If you still enjoy D&D in principle, then by all means go for it. If not, well, go for it anyway. The setting material is more than enough to make a good game for any system you decide to convert to.

It's win-win either way.