D20 Martial Arts System



This is a shout out to anybody who has implimented the d20 martial arts system to the world of Judge Dredd and how successful was it?
I've justed retired a six month MC-1 Judge game and myself and the players have agreed on a new scenario. We decided that Brit-Cit would be great and are modelling the game on the mood of 70's spy films, british detective series like the Professionals, Kung-fu classics of the same period (Think Bruce Lee not Jet Li) and a whole bunch of other stuff. We've created a new character class, loosely an amalgamation of the Shadow Minister, Martial artist and Master Martial artist with some nice addtional special abilities, to create the 'Superspy' class. Anyway, since this is Brit-Cit and not MC-1, and the likehood of shooting shit up is greatly diminished, we were thinking that getting graphic and involved in melee combat is the way to go. So I was just wondering if anybody else had any good/bad experiences with this system in this setting. I'm especially curious if anybody had problems integrating the Technique skill into the gameworld. Thanx