Cybernet: Another (more graphic) character sheet

Looks sharp but psyclonejack's is a little easier to work with & a lot easier on the printer.

Could you make a grey scale version?
Nice layout,

Doesn't look like you missed any info that needs to go on the sheet. Just a couple of points/observations:

I find It intresting you expanded all the feats, though it takes up a huge chunk of the character sheet, I have not seen it handled in such a way.

Design is very punkish, and thanks for warning me of the graphics intenseness before I looked at it. It is an improvement over the sheet in the Cybernet Core Book.

I always find it amazing that one can cram all that information on a single front/back sheet of paper, even so, I agree some of the text is a bit small. Us long time roleplayers can't see like we use too. Sometimes I think someone needs to invent senior citizen dice, or digital ones that tell you what they roled.

Just my 2cents,