Cutlass & Determining Weapon Size


The description for Cutlass (p. 126) mentions a -2 attack penalty for weapon use in low ceiling environments and Squeezing (p. 167) mentions a -2 parry penalty for weapon use in narrow spaces, if a one-handed weapon being used is larger than a Cutlass. How is this to be determined? Weight? That seems to be the only available option.

Also, I think this penalty should probably also apply to two-handed blunt or slashing (but not piercing) weapons in those environments as well, given the confined nature and the weapon size.
The RAW do not state how to determine which 1-handed weapons are "larger" than a cutlass.

I have ruled that all two-handed weapons and all one-handed weapons other than the cutlass take the penalty. IOW the non-penalty is a special property of the cutlass.

Otherwise the cutlass really doesn't stack up as a martial weapon.

The squeezing penalty is easy to adjudicate, it is a terrain feature and not a weapon issue.

Sutek said:
there's little pictures in the book, man...


Length seems to be a good judge, but I have Tito's and weapons in Tito's aren't laid out as well, so it's hard to judge the weapons there that are not in the main book...
I don't have Tito's but what weapons in particular are you referring to? Maybe you can find their pictures in another book or something. Perhaps historical references? souds like I'm being a smarty pants, but that's the only way really, other than the just make a GM call...