Creatures of the Nightcycle

should vampires be re-introduced for XP?

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i was doing some poking around in Wikipedia the other game and came across the entry for Paranoia. with it was a list of all the old supplements for the original system, including a Vampire: the Masquerade parody entitled Creatures of the Nightcycle. unfortunately, there was no further info beyond the title. as such, i was wondering if anyone could offer me some info on the book, how Vampires worked, and if High Programmer Varney has any intentions of creating an update (assuming the origional was worth a darn).
I voted yes even if I have never played the original.
The mere idea is amusing, so it would be fun...
stickmangrit said:
...and if High Programmer Varney has any intentions of creating an update (assuming the origional was worth a darn).
It wasn't worth a darn. Creatures... sits amidst the un-product mentioned in the Introduction of PARANOIA XP. At this point, the writers seemed to have clasped all too tightly to the concept of parody over satire, and it wasn't funny. Indeed, some of the content managed to reach all new heights of un-funny.

I would strongly advise you stay clear of this particular un-product and either wait to see what the future of PARANOIA XP holds for alternate Alpha Complexes or create your own system of undeathification.
Oh, thanks Paul for clearing that out for those of us who haven't seen the original.
Should have waited a bit before voting. :oops: :?
A while back at a con I played in an extremely funny game called Buff Y The Mutant Slayer. The party included of course Sp Y ke and Ang Y Lus among other twisted show parodies. It worked reasonably well with us battling the freakish mutants of HEL sector in an attempt to seal it off. The mutants had the vamp look and as memory serves drank blood. Also rather amusingly we did have stakes(RD weapons with a button that disentegrated the target impaled by it). The main point I'm making is almost any thing can work in paranoia and be extrodinarily funny(the same gm another time ran a great game involving transporting Ja Y Lo to the Teela O Malley Show(with a host of other characters parodying every one from Travolta to Jim Carrey).