Creating a Breakaway Hull


Cosmic Mongoose
Condottiere said:
Most captains probably want visitors to be docked at designated spots on their hull, and not be like barnacles, which is why they are the clampor.

Having multiple clamps means more care in lining up the two hulls; release should be almost instantaneous.

Unless you want them walking along your hull to the nearest airlock, I think it's safe to assume that visitors (as opposed to boarders) will always dock at designated spots. :)

Depends on how you design your multiple clamps for the potential for added complexity. More clamps also means more safety (a single failure of a single clamp also means your docked ship will no longer be docked).


Emperor Mongoose
I don't doubt that.

Though I suspect it also has to do with any undue stress applied, like acceleration, though I couldn't tell you at what point the clamps would just rip off, if not crack.


Hello phavoc and Condottiere,

Thank you both for the replies and my use of multiple docking clamps of the same type rather that a single clamp is based on my USN experience were all the equipment had more than one fastener holding them in place. Being in SONAR doors on the equipment usually had at least double the number of fasteners to hold them closed. Having to undo all of the fasteners for maintenance or repairs was a pain in the behind, especially when there was a need to do the job quickly.