When does he become a Lt. Commander? As far as I know he is a Junior Lt. up to Season 3, in which he becomes a 1st Lieutenant, and in series 5 Lochley says "Hello Lieutenant" when they first meet. So when does he get promoted, or is this MGP assumption? Looking at LBH here.
What do you mean a Mongoose Assumption, when does Mongoose say he becomes a Lt Com?

He is pretty much second in command of B5 in Season 5, under Lochley, but he's not in EF anymore at that point so is under a notional ISA rank structure I would say?

Check in the B5 2nd Ed rulebook. Where it says who's in the command staff in the specific years on B5.
That's more helpful.

Well I can't think of anything we see in the show to back it up, but then we do have a precedent for Sheridan seeing that B5's XOs are promoted to a position they deserve, and since Corwin does really deserve it, and he is within an ISA rank structure on the station, I don't see any reason it wouldn't happen.

And going back to your original post, he doesn't get made 1st Lt, he gets "promoted to full Lt". Of course the two may be the same, but I can remember the direct quote :p

The two are the same, I guess I went into the English equiviliant automatically. OK, but if he had been promoted Lochley would have called him Commander of Lt. commander rather than Lt., as she does countless times.
Well the bit in the book is 2262+ so he might get promoted along the line.

But there is no in show evidence of his promotion past Lt.

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you might hear "full lieutenant" in Navy terms today, to differentiate from Lt. junior grade.

"Is he a JG?"
"No, he's a full LT."

LTs and LTJGs are commonly refered to as "Lieutenant so and so"
just as a LTCDR and CDR are commonly referreed to as "Commander so and so."
I believe it comes from the similiarity of rank insignia. LT and LTJG both have silver bars (LTJG has one, LT has two) and LTCDR and CDR both have oak leaves (Gold for LTCDR and silver for CDR)

That was a mildly annoying thing I found about JMS's writing was having other officers alyways say "Lieutenant Commander" to Ivanova. Its a mouthful, and in casual conversation in today's Navy its perfectly acceptable. You usually wouldn't say the full rank of a LTCDR unless you're getting really formal (think of your mom saying your first, middle, and last name followed by "...get in the house!!!") :lol:
somehow though, Navy chiefs are different (E-7 thru E-9). Chief, Senior Chief, and Master Chief.
you would call a senior chief "hey senior, how about this breaker panel..."
but I've never heard a master chief called "master"

I know I shouldn't expect a fictional Earthforce to follow every mannerism of today's military, but it just seems akward otherwise. Perhaps he was hammering home her rank to the viewer, but to do it all the time....

I think it was fair for Sinclair to call her Lt. Commander given that he was only a Commander so any rank difference between them needed to be stressed. If they'd gone around calling each other "Commander" all the time it might have gotten confusing.
I think the differentiation may be due to the gaffe in the opening credit voiceover.

It talks there of 'under it's last Commander', which by a technicality is Sinclair, since Sheridan and Lochley, whilst in command of B5, were Captains.

Originally Sinclair was supposed to be there for the whole run of 5 seasons, and WWE completing Babylon Squared's loop would have been the 20 year on ep, which is why Sinclair is so old when we see him in the future in Bab Squared. That had to all be fudged a little when Sheridan replaced Sinclair and that is why the tachyon mcguffin was intriduced to age Sinclair.

At least that's how I heard it, there may be something ion one of the scriptbook essays to confirm or deny this but I haven't read them all yet.

I've heard all that somewhere as well. Although I do like Sinclair, and it would have been interesting to have him for the whole five seasons, I can't imagine him doing such stirring speeches as Sheridan did when he came back from Zha'dum, for example; he just doesn't have the same charisma. And Sinclair had Sakai, so he wouldn't have got it on with Delenn :(
Well if you remember, Sinclair had Sykes before (well before on screen anyway, actually between when you think of the character timelines) he had Sakai and that didn't stop him.

But I remember reading somewhere that even JMS thought it would have beena bit much for one man to save the Universe from the Shadows twice in 2 different time periods, and do all the other stuff.

sigma957 said:
also thats like his great great great grandaughter, eeeuw

Well that part of it could have been written after the change in command.

Can't wait for Vol 15 of the scriptboks, that has the B5 writer's bible in it.

obviously some plot lines had to be worked out again with changes in cast members. Talia was obviously being set up to be the uber-telepath but I think I like Lyta's storyline better. plus, she's way hotter.


WAY hotter!
Although it is a VERY obvious switch - Talia was even becoming uber, AND she had the head of security trailing after her like a puppy: Garibaldi. For Lyta, it was Zack. He looked so sad when Lyta left :(