Core 2008 1e Clarification: RAM Grenade Launcher on Auto-Fire (page 101)


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Please note: this is NOT a question about Core 2020 or Core 2022 Update, this is 2008

How many rounds does a RAM Grenade Launcher fire on full Auto-fire in a turn?
The auto rating is 6
The magazine is 6

Since the page 101 entry for RAM GL states "Up to 3 GL's with a single attack" then maybe the only part of the Auto-Fire rules this weapon uses is the dice pairing method and recoil. (it even specifies that you cannot use the "burst" rule as another exception). Thus each of the 3 grenades when on auto is one of the pairs of dice in the 6 die pool that equals the auto rating. Basically, they should have added a sentence that states explicitly states that even though the weapon has Auto6 for all other calculations, it only uses 3 rounds in this mode.

If you use the page 63 rule verbatim, then the weapon with a standard magazine could never fire enough rounds to be fired at full auto and this would not make any sense since burst is not allowed. It would need a magazine of at least 18.

Am I missing something?

Page 101 states

Going to 63 you find:


But the table back on 101 has:


How can it ever fire 18 rounds with only a 6 round magazine?
I would assume the special rule trumps the general rule: The RAM grenade launcher uses three rounds for a full auto action and can't do burst, as specified in the weapon description.

So it fires three grenades, making three attacks.