1e to 2e Auto Fire ammo change


Something I noticed when the new edition first came out, but didn't fuss about until now.

With the changes if format, the Auto number now representing number of attacks rather than number of dice, the ammo consumption is essentially halved, as the formula (auto for burst, or autox3 for full auto) remains unchanged.

Was this intentional? I'm 1e there felt like good reason not to go full auto, now, fights are over before an mag is empty.

I've been using the Rotary Autocannon (as my group have one) as an example, 500 round box, 15 rounds for full auto. Where I'm not looking for a simulation, but a real life example would put out 100 rounds a second, minimum
You're right.

I would just house-rule it.

On the Autocannon specifically, I deliberately stay away from making everything fully simulationist, but I can easily see making it 50-100 rounds a turn, rather than just changing x3 to x6. Wild speculation is that 500 count magazine is realistic/simulationist, but interacts poorly with non-simulationist ammo expenditure. Or you might keep a blanket rule at x5 or x6, but drop the magazine size somewhat.

In general, I'm increasingly thinking the next time out I'm going to run some kind of Frankenstein, 1.5e version of MongTrav.
Or maybe new traits, Rapid Fire and Very Rapid Fire (Auto score x10 and x20 respectively).

I don’t know, just spitballing.
Do we need to care? A Rotary Autocannon is presumably mounted to a vehicle that can easily carry a few more ammo boxes? The rules don't even bother to define how heavy an ammo box is.

Worry about ammo you have to carry...