Considering a second mortage over Conan...


Mongoose is coming out with SO MUCH great Conan stuff, I HAVE to own it all, and so far I do. Now we've got minis coming, too! I've had to add CONAN as a line item on my monthly budget, along with rent and utilities. I actually get worried when a new product is released and I'm short on cash, afraid I'll miss something! On one occassion, I broke out my "emergency" credit card.

This is praise, not criticism. Conan is the first game line in 10 years that I've felt the compulsion to own every single release. The last was Dark Sun, which I wanted (ironically) for the gritty sword-and-sorcery feel.

So great job, Mongoose! If I go bankrupt, I still get to keep my books! :D
Hey Bear have you managed to figure out a way to get a mortgage on a place you are renting? :shock: Nice work! :lol:

I have to agree whole heartedly with your sentiment. I just recently received my Sons of Cimmeria order form to order my cheap AE copy and added Across Thunder River and Free Companies to it :D

I want it all too :D

Considering the fact that Mongoose publishes approximately one book every two months I don't think you'll get broke that soon, unless of course you also want everything from the DD series.