Early Thanksgiving Traveller Appreciation

I've been immersed in various Traveller books preparing a campaign that I hope to start early in the new year. I'm a bit ahead of the curve for Thanksgiving appreciation, but before the holidays make me busy and I forget, I just wanted to extend to Mongoose and everyone involved in the development & production of the Traveller line my heartfelt thanks. My gateway RPG was Star Frontiers rather than D&D, and ever since then, I've been looking for THE Science Fiction RPG. Traveller 2e is it. I'm gobsmacked by the sheer level of support Mongoose provides and with the sole exception of the upcoming robot book, I already have an incredible RPG toolkit to tell just about any kind of science fiction story that I can dream of doing. Despite that, my biggest challenge is figuring out how to get more supplements and adventures as quickly as possible with my RPG budget!

Traveller is an amazing line. Thank you for this incredible game and supporting it so well. I can't wait to see what's coming next!
As a contributing writer for Mongoose, I really appreciate that, CrusaderWarren! Thanks for taking the time to post.