Conan: The Throne of Blood

Where would you prefer to game?

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  • Message Board forum with weekly posts by GM

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  • Message Board forum with posts as often as the GM can do

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Thoth-Amuk said:

Please post here if you have any drop outs. I caught on to the tread to late get in on the first round, but I'd like to get in if there is an opening.


You might get your chance if the other 3 who signed up don't start participating. I got 3 out of 6 playing and 2 of the 3 I'm waiting on haven't completed pcs. Will give them til Monday, then its open season.
I have two slots open as it appears both have dropped out or failed to send me completed pcs (one told me via email he was dropping due to working on Mongoose Conan products, evidently he's a proofreader). :)

So if you're still interested, check out the game at the aforementioned board and drop me a line.

I am always in favor of "as often as possible" but I voted for weekly, because some of you Barstiges have jobs and need to do something else with your time.

Anyhoo, I am interested and will head to your message board when I have time, even if it is just to see what's going on in game. I rip off stuff from online a LOT for tabletop.

The story is proceeding well, seems 2 of the 6 players that signed up have either decided not to participate or dropped out, gave them 2 wks to participate, so now I got 2 openings for anyone serious about being part of the story.

Feel free to take a gander at the story and let me know if you want in.

Arkobla Conn - thief
Belkregos - soldier
Judge Walker - scholar
Harith - archer
5th- open
6th- open
Arkobla Conn - thief-Zamoran
Belkregos - soldier-???
Judge Walker - scholar-Khitan
Harith - archer- Shemitish???

Just trying to get a grip on visualizing the characters. Do I have the above nationalities right?
Yep, Harith is a Shemite. A damn fine shot he is, but he can't understand a word anybody is saying... :wink:

- Stefan
ok, row call, i think we got it this time!

Arkobla Conn - thief-Zamoran
Belkregos - soldier-hyperborian
Judge Walker - scholar-Khitan
Harith - archer- Shemitish

Harith, is the archer soldier or borderer?

Shadizar is not ready fo this group!
Coroleer said:
... but he can't understand a word anybody is saying... :wink:

- Stefan

Join the club. :D

You know in about 15 yrs of gaming this is the first time I've been in a game where language actually came into play. This is really...neat, I've always hated the all encompassing "Common" language most FRPGs use. :roll: