Conan: The Throne of Blood

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Lando The Archmagi

Banded Mongoose
I'm recruiting for interest in restarting my short lived, but very good Throne of Blood game online game. I'll be running a live in person version of it at DragonCon 2004 here in Atlanta, GA this fall. Mongoose will be providing prize support for the best roleplayers. Here is a link to the convention information:

I originally ran this on OpenRPG and would like to do so again, but I am open to other thoughts (see poll)

Looking for four-six players or interested party members. I definitely need at least one barbarian or soldier type, but any assortment of other pcs is welcome. A scholar might be most useful too. Roleplaying seriously encouraged, backgrounds/full character concepts required.

May roll 4d6 for stats, Level 1-2, max hp for 1st, regular starting funds per Conan RPG. Any other questions ask.

I might be interested - what's an acceptable rate of posting? and does openRPG require any software? (prohibted at work)

Yes, OpenRPG is a free virtual tabletop software that replicates table top gaming, its live and has a dice roller, chat window, character/note tree and game map for miniatures etc. The site has all the free software to download and install with directions. I've used it for over 3 yrs now.

It's great and seriously beats IRC/mIRC/WebRPG in my opinion.

I might consider running it on a message board if it doesn't go well through OpenRPG (2nd attempt at this).

Here is the game thread on the OpenRPG forums.
What day of the week/ time zone time etc. are you wanting to do this? I'd love to play if it could work out. I really wanted to get involved with your last attempt but it was on a conflicting weekly date.

Open to game day, times would be either evenings after 7 pm on weeknights or during day/evenings on weekends. I'm on EST and have a few other games I'm either playing or running now, so the schedule might need to be flexible and if something falls apart concerning one of them I don't mind moving days.

I'm looking for serious committed players first as that's been the problem with other games I've run. I don't have problems usually at tournaments as people pay to play and they tend to show up (at least 99% of the time). However, online folks tend to come and go and not take things seriously.

I'm hoping this time around, assuming no work/real life scheduling conflicts (at least not ones that prevent weekly sessions for more than a week) to occur too often. I do understand things happen and folks do like to spent holidays etc with family/loved ones, but I expect to run at least 3 out of 4 times a month if at all possible. So if you can't commit, don't sign up. :)

Otherwise I'm open to talking about anything for the game either here or on the forum thread on OpenRPG.

I am very interested in joining; I would play a Vendhyan soldier

I understand the issue with player commitment; I run a Conan PnP game and understand all too well,

Anyways I am on the west coast and will try to attend but if the schedule looks like it could be a problem for me I’ll let you know,
I'd like to get in on the DragonCon game. E-mail me at
Bombaatu said:
I'm definately interested. How/where do we submit characrters?

You can send character ocncepts/ideas or full sheets (pdf/doc/text preferred) to my email and I'll get back to you this evening or early tomorrow.

You can also send me a character sheet node for OpenRPG if you like (I have one available for use that was done for my previous game of this name).

Belkregos said:
I understand the issue with player commitment; I run a Conan PnP game and understand all too well,

Anyways I am on the west coast and will try to attend but if the schedule looks like it could be a problem for me I’ll let you know,

Well the convention game will be seperate and not until Labor Day weekend. I'm running the scenario with additional campaign style flavor on OpenRPG, and we'll probably start in a week or so depending on how the party forms and whatnot.

Day/time still being considered, would be happy to have you.

Tuesdays are open for me, but 9 pm EST is late, would prefer to start maybe at 8 pm EST if that's feasible.

That's one vote for Tuesday. Any others?

Does your Pbp game need a player? :)

Tarrintino said:
I'd like to get in on the DragonCon game. E-mail me at

Well, for the DragonCon game you must come to the convention and pay the entry fee etc and you will have the chance to win a prize for best roleplayer (the game books or items Mongoose Publishing gives me will go towards the best roleplayers as that is how the convention gaming works).

For the OpenRPG game which is a more detailed/expanded campaign style game its free and you can just email me your ideas/concepts or pcs to me.

Unfortunately a "real time" session game would be problamatic for me as I can't give a specific date when I would be available, my schedule kind of jumps around now that my work place has a new manager.
The same here - I am unavailable for a real time game. I'd be interested in a forum style game where we post by a certain time/day and the GM responds.

Side discussions can occur as well.
That sounds good; it would make it a lot easer for me as well, my schedule at work is also kind of hard, i would not want to be waisting peoples time because i got hanged up at the office,
however if we can work a day/time that works i could do that too,
Mondays, Wednesdays are the best dates for me during the week. I'm also EST. Anything around say 7ish would be awesome but willing to start as late as 9 if each session didn't go for more than say three hours. I work early hours.

Hmmm, this could be a problem as it looks like I got four potential players, but they are at differences on where to play.

I got a couple wanting a message board forum based game and a couple interested in doing OpenRPG. I do understand about the weird work shifts, although, I've not had one in over four years now myself. I work a standard 8-5 IT job.

I have a message board in mind if I go that route (been playing a few games there), so I'll see what kind of feedback I get by a post there.

Looking for votes and more character concepts.

Who's still with me? :)

realistically I could only commit to a weekday at 6 pm or after PST (9pm EST) as anything earlier would be cutting it close with the traffic and all, Tuesdays would be best but the only day I would have a problem with would be Wednesday as I have a late meeting at work,
So because it looks like some of the other potential players are having schedule conflicts I voted for the board with updates as often as possible,
But like I said, if you guys want a live game I could work it out