Conan RPG: The Throne of Blood

Lando The Archmagi

Banded Mongoose
Started this past Sunday on OpenRPG and still has room for an additional player or two and polite lurkers are always welcome. See the game thread here:

Also have a mailing list for the game:

Lando The Archmagi
If anyone would like to join us, we got room for another pc or two. A scholar or another pc, level 2 welcome.

The party has a Borderer, Rogue and Barbarian with an NPC Barbarian/Rogue in the party.

We play Sundays 1-5 pm EST usually on OpenRPG, the barbarian player hosts the game server.

I'm also planning to run this game at DragonCon 2004 this fall for anyone interested in attending. Mongoose has graciously offered to provide prize support as well.

Lando The Archmagi
For over three sessions now, it has gone rather good, the party has nearly died twice. They're now trapped between the wild picts that live in the valley and the undead of Larsha and pondering what to do.

By the time of the convention I should have a rather good scenario to run and some playtested characters.