Conan the Adventurer characters in d20 rules?




A friend of mine and I are trying to get a Conan game together, and the general idea is to do an intro session, to get used to all the different rules than DnD (you know, armor that actually does what armor does...).

We were thinking of doing a session or two of the game as the cartoon. Some of the characters, ESPECIALLY races, are kinda hard to come up with. Conan and Snaag are easy enough. Cimmerian and Vanir Barbs. Everyone else will be kinda rough, I think. Bear in mind, the classes for us will be easy to fudge, if needed; we remember the basic styles of all the characters, but the races are picking at our brains.

Zula, Greywolf, Jezmine and Falkener escape our memory. Zula was obviously tribal, but which tribal race would fit? Greywolf seemed kinda mystical (above and beyond the magic part), so maybe Zamoran?

Thanks all for the help!
Someone that actually got to watch the cartoon. I wanted to watch the cartoon, dangit! I NEVER got to, though...


Umm, do a search for the official website of the cartoon and base it off of that.
It's easy enough to come up with basic stats.

If you want to keep it really simple, go to mongoose's "downloads for conan" webpage and get the NPC files there. 25 point characters (aka "Mooks") already created and equipped and statted out. They are a great addition to any game. They only need scholars now... Scholars like I have been writing up...
10th level scholars, following their spell progression...

Umm do a websearch, yeah...

*g* Later!
I recall the cartoon. SO long ago :)

For greywolf, you might want to wait until pirate isles is will have sea witchery, along with another sorcery style. They may have spells that involve manipulating wind.

Also, you may want to give the greywolf char the oriental sorcery style, with the spell yimsha's carpet. ;)