[CONAN] Speculation on the Order of Shaipur?

I'm curious about the Shaipur Monks from the 2011 Conan film.  We learn little about them in the film.  And, I read the novelization.  There's not much more there.
So, let's speculate a bit, given what we know.
And, what do we know?
1.  They don't seem to be a religious order.  No gods are mentioned.  They must be dedicated to a way of life or some ideal.
2.  They've been hiding in the Forbidden Forest of Argos (I assume it is Argos, from the details in the film) for over a thousand years.
3.  They are connected with a similar monastery in northern Hyrkania (I'm assuming it's northern Hyrkania--that's a big land).
4.  They promote martial arts.  Tamara is shown to be physical (her jumping around on the coach in the chase scene) and skilled with a dagger.  A monk escorting her easily flips around in the saddle, facing where the horse has been, holding on with only his legs, accurately firing a bow at the enemy.
5.  They suck on opium or some such to get visions of events to come.
6.  Sex isn't an issue with them.  Tamara drops into bed (well, in a cave) with Conan.
7.  Several seem to have Acheronian blood, though that might have been due to the monastery being in Argos.
8.  They call themselves the Order of Shaipur.
9.  They had nothing to do with the killing of Khalar Zym's wife or the Mask of Acheron.
10.  They seem to keep interaction with the outside world to a minimum.
Given that, care to speculate on what the Order of Shaipur is all about?