[CONAN] Sorcery Help

I haven't used the Sorcery rules in my game, yet, and I am a complete novice with them. I was hoping someone more versed in Conan RPG Sorcery could help me out.

A few details...

My campaign focuses on Cimmerians. The PCs in my game are still young--about 15 years old now. They're 2nd level Barbarians.

A few game sessions ago, a rival clan attacked wagon from the PC's clan and took a little 4 year old girl. The PCs are on the hunt, tracking this little girl, trying to find her and rescue her before any harm comes to her.

The PCs have found a lair--a cave--where they think the girl has been taken, and this cave is full of enemy clansmen. Plus, they've found out that the Grath (the enemy clansmen) are working with Hyperboreans--for what reason, the PCs have no clue.

Where we left off last game session, the PCs (there are only two of them), watched the mouth of the cave and saw a large number of men leave--with most of the older Grath clansmen (most of the higher level NPCs). The players knew this was their chance, so they battled their way inside, and to my surprise, managed to keep stealth. Anybody who could have raised an alarm, they've killed.

Next game session, they will encounter a low level Hyperborean scholar--a kid, really. An understudy, who's master left with the other elders.

What I want to do is make this scholar very crafty. The PCs will take him, I'm sure, and torture him for info on the girl. What I want to do is have this scholar throw a spell so that the two PCs believe that he is the missing girl.

I want them to look at him, and all of a sudden, they see the missing girl, Mallie.

I will sell it to the players by telling them that they've broken a spell the Hyperboreans placed on Mallie--that they know that they've finally found the object of their search.

In reality, the scholar has thrown some sort of spell that makes the Barbarians think he's the girl.

The players will immediately try to rescue her, and at an opportune time, I'll have Mallie reveal herself for what she really is--the young Hyperborean Scholar--when he has a chance to save his hide by either sneaking off or backstabbing the PCs.

My question is this: Is there any spell in the Conan RPG canon that will allow a young scholar to pull off such a feat? Some type of illusion? Maybe hypnotism?


The Hyperborean is in league with the demon, Ollam-Onga, so I might be able to boost his power via that demonic connection.

Thoughts on pulling this idea into the game, mechanically?


The ILLUSION spell in Secrets/ Scrolls of Skelos is one way, but it is a short spell and not really available to apprentice sorcerers.

I think the best bet is to have some item (a ring, perchance!) gifted with a spell like ability (which requires fresh blood to activate).

So when they rescue "HER" they start noticing members of their party being drained of blood, during the night!!!

Hmmm hows this happening? Hey Cimmerian babe, why is that ring's jewel glowing red in the morning but back to a normal amber in the evening?

BTW fellow cimmerians, notice something weird? She's peeing standing up, biting her nails, and is using a lot more Hyperborean expressions in her everyday speech? How come she only lets us do anal penetration? LOL, whoops.

You can have a lot of fun with this one. I think the Demon gifted item is the way to roll for a 5th level and below scholar.
Can you write up his stats and post? I'd love to what you came up with!
PS I think Hyperboreans should get Scholar as a Preferred class.