Conan CCG

Anbody else buy this yet?

I got a starter and 10 boosters but haven't played yet.

The artwork is very nice, using some of the Dark Horse Comic work, as well as at least one image from Mongoose (the cover from Tales of the Black Kingdom).

The game is combat oriented (imagine that!) and each player plays a Conan who must overcome foes played by his opponent(s). It has a multiplayer version, and mentions a Thieves' path expansion.

I am looking forward to trying it out this weekend.
I've never played any of the CCG's. But now that there is a Conan one, I might give it a try. Be sure to post your thoughts on the game after you play. I'm interested in its quality, and would a newbie to CCG like me be able to figure it out. Thanks!
I used to play magic, pro-tours, nationals, etc., and note from that, that most CCGs won't ever get significant play and are therefore not worth buying. Getting some cards to have for good images, e.g., for showing creatures or to use for NPCs might be good to show PCs during RPG play, if they are varied enough.
Go a promo deck from my dealer...looks nice, but I´m to old of TCGs now.
Played Magic, Spellfire and even Shadowrun when I was much younger.