Conan Campaign?

Sir Hackalot

I know that Conan stories where originally intended to be episodic in nature but the group I am playing with usually prefer to have a more serial style to their gaming. The problem I have with this is that after the present adventure I really don't have alot of reasons for the PC's to stick around each other anymore.

Do you have any suggestion on how keep characters together in a Conan game?
Conflict. Don't let up on sending things their way or give them a chance to think. Eventually they will bond and will just stick together because they have already been through so much.
The motivations for a group of adventurers to stick together in a Conan RPG are very similar to any other RPG. It really is based on the adventure. Vincent's idea is a great motivator but so is money - they may lose/squander/pilfer/bet/spend it all away but it will still motivate them to try and acquire more. And there is a bond already established that the PC's could reasonably trust each other, having had an adventure already. Unless the PC's know a bunch of people in the area you are currently in, knowing and trusting a person is a strong reason to stay together especially if that relationship has been profitable or could lead to additional income - like protecting a caravan or joining a mercenary outfit.

If the current situation takes place in a wilderness setting they should stay together until they reach a civilized area. Strength in numbers and trust again. At some point there may come a reason for one of the PC's to go off on his/her own. You may need to think fast but let it play out - the PC's may provide a reason to go after the lone character themselves, thus providing you with another plot hook you can shoehorn into the next adventure.

Just some thoughts. Good luck! 8)
Money is always a good reason. Be it that one player owes something to another, or maybe one player knows the location of an unplundered crypt somewhere.

Another good motivation is the charisma of different characters. Alot of people followed Conan simply because they recognized the natural leadership qualities within him. While this may be hard to replicate IG, you can always use it as a reason for the party to stay together.