Conan Barbarian vs. D20 Barbarian


I really like the Barbarian presented in the Conan RPG, I think it really captures what a Barbarian is, and would like to place it in my Midnight campaign instead of the normal D&D Barbarian.

But is the Conan one tougher? It seems like it. What if I remove: Bite Sword, Diehard and Unconquerable?

They are WAY tougher. Even removing those advantages, the overall advantages given to all classes in Conan give an edge over the D&D one.
Crichton is right.

Really the only way to do what you want quickly and easily is to take the standard d20 Barbarian and start dropping abilties, one at a time, for Conan abilities. On a one-for-one basis they should at least be fairly equal. The Conan class just has more going for it.

Of course, it will still require playtesting.

I'd make a go at building it right now - but in preparation for moving in about two weeks all of my gaming books are packed and I don't feel like digging through boxes to get it right now.