Computer added to weapon


Cosmic Mongoose
Page 129 of the Core book has the weapon option of 'Intelligent' This adds Computer/0 to a weapon at TL11 and Computer/1 to a weapon at TL 13

What does this allow a weapon to do? The Central Supply Catalogue has the smart tracker, which marks a target and gives a +2 to attack in the following round, but this uses no bandwidth. What can be done with the Computer/0 and Computer/1 on the weapon?
This is a confusing Trait. Pg 92 Core Rule book Expert Skills says "Having a tool or weapon with the appropriate Skill Expert program and an Intelligent Interface can grant a Traveller DM+1 to his checks.
However Intelligent 0 weapon could not run either package.
An intelligence 1 could run the Intelligent Interface but not an Skill Expert package as well.
And the Skill Expert programs can only be INT and EDU based checks so a weapon couldn't utilise these anyway. Unless an Intelligent weapon can substitute one of these stats instead of DEX.?
So an Intelligent Interface would allow voice control and display data.

However does an Intelligence trait count as a Specialised Computer? It is very expensive. Allowing higher bandwiths to be used say 1 for the 0 and 2 for the 1.?
Also errata says Wafer Jacks are always running Intelligence Interface and this costs no bandwith does this apply to Intelligent weapons?

As it is Cr5000 seems a tad expensive for a bit of display and voice control which is pretty limited in use.