Complete Spell List


Some time ago urdinaran made a list of spells that described the name, category and requirements. I updated that for all the recent books (including the 2 spells in the latest S&P). Is there any way to attach the file to a forum post ?

Mad Dog
I second this! I don't have all the books but I've got an incomplete list of the spells from the core book, SoS, FC, and Messentia.
I have the complete spell list, LESS the single spell from Faith and Fervor. Want me to email a copy ?

Mad Dog
That would be great.

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I know xoth sight list magic in Hyboria. But has anyone tried to take spells already in Mongoose Conan and see their ad&d3.5 core ruleset coversion?
Just curious.
MadDog said:
Did I miss 2 spells ? Where from ?

Mad Dog
Two spells from "Faith & Fervour".
White Darkness (Summonings) and Curse of the Hyeana-God (Curse)

The third one "Shamanic Ecstasy" is in the list.