Cockpit question-sealed?



Heres a somewhat silly question, but if a Mek does not have any NBC protection, or a pilot cocoon, does it count as a "sealed vehicle"?
Now, you're wondering "why is he wasting my time with this?"- a good question!
It's like this... I'm roughing up an Excel spreadsheet for Mek design, and as a result I was rereading a lot of the design rules/ equipment descriptions, when I happened to reread the sonic weapons package, specifically the "damages any creature not protected by a sealed vehicle".
While it also says that it "has no effects on structure, vehicles or WarMeks" it doesn't say it won't affect the crews thereof, and the individual attacks imply an unsealed vehicle crew is vulnerable. So what counts as a sealed vehicle? (obviously full NBC, submersible, and pilot cocoon, how about just Biochem? Full armor?) The spirit of the rules would suggest a Mek cockpit count's as sealed, but...

This further led my devious and twisted mind (I keep it in a jar by my computer) to envision a Tiny Mek fitted with a sonic weapons package going around and capturing intact Meks by taking down the pilot...(the smiley selection really needs an evil grin!)imagine using infrasound in a nice urban environment!
I'd have thought that most meks would count as sealed vehicles, for this purpose, because they're fully enclosed. Take cars for example, with the windows up and all the doors closed, there's a fairly noticable difference in volume levels of sounds coming form the outside. But they generally don't include any type of shielding.

Things like your typical army truck, used for transporting troops, would class as unsealed because they're generally soft skinned. Though the driver might be in a sealed section, it all depends on the contstruction of the truck in question.