Civilian Stats?


OK, so if I were to need some stats for civilians, both for humans and Skinnies, what would they look like? I can guess they would be roughly similar to LAMI Recruits and Militia respectively, but thought maybe there were some more experienced opinions out there.
Or simply go for target 2+, kill 5+, no save - unarmoured targets with no experience in going for the ground. Cruel, but such is the fate of civilian on the field. And LAMI raider "armour" has to count for something ;)
This sounds like a great idea for a scenerio or two, maybe even for some colonists to tread through my colony table, well untill they get rended limb from limb by bugs, or eaten by rooster's man eating tanker bugs :lol: .

I was thinking at one point for some more civilianized covenant grunts and elites to go with my covenant(that is if I ever get around to buying the bits and such needed for both military and citizens of the covenant) and would be wearing things like tunics, and clothing similar to the 3 prophets, but yeah, hey I could even play games where the lingering civs need to be "herded" to an evacuation zone while bugs are attacking and with the lami recruits form of demoralisation, fun, fun.