Okay guys, here are some more idea's to help with your adventures. What area would you like to see next?

Eric in Vegas


1) The infamous Kothian kidnapper, ‘Tal Maroz’, was recently seen leaving the Border Kingdom town of Atzel, with several barbarian women tied up on the back of horses. Two day’s later a war party of Cimmerians from the Murrogh clan crossed over the Ymir pass and entered the fortress of Atzel. Their war leader, ‘Haegan’, claims that the people of the Border Kingdom are responsible for the missing Cimmerian women. If the stolen women are not returned within a fortnight, the clan of Murrogh and its other allies will raze the fortress of Atzel to the ground. Needless to say, the current lord of Atzel, ‘Ergul Malsathas’ is looking for adventures or mercenaries to hunt down Tal Maroz and bring the Cimmerian women back safely before time runs out.

2) Recently the chieftain of the Greybear clan travelled to the Field of Chiefs to pay homage to his ancestors. When he arrived at the ancient gathering site, he surprised a band of Vanir raiders that had been pillaging and desecrating the sacred Standing Stones. Hroth of the Greybears has sent word to all the nearby Cimmerian clans. A war party will soon cross into Vanaheim and seek revenge.

3) An Aquilonian lord named ‘Sodren of Amilias’ has been posting employment posters for adventures and mercenaries. Lord Sodren proposes an expedition into the savage lands of Cimmeria. While many have called him ‘fool’ or ‘madman’, some have listened to his story of wealth and treasure. Lord Sodren believes he knows the location of the ‘Lost treasure of Procantus’. Procantus was an Aquilonian noble who rebelled against the king, almost 200 years ago. His rebellion did not have many soldiers or mercenaries; however he did have a lot of monetary backing from kingdoms that wished to see Aquilonia in turmoil. His rebellion never succeeded, he was found out long before it started. He fled north, with what loyal retainers he had left and the bulk of his treasury. Lord Sodren was caught near the Cimmerian border and killed, along with his remaining men, however the treasury was never found.

4) The Galla clan of Cimmerians has called for war against the Picts. Several pictish war parties crossed into Cimmeria over two weeks ago and massacred many Cimmerians in the western lands. Gulruth, chieftain of the Galla, has stated that some of the pictish tribes that joined in the slaughter were the ‘White Tiger’, ‘Ghost Bear’, ‘Black Adder’ and the ‘Foxblood’ tribes. Several Cimmerian clans have already heeded the call to battle and war-chiefs are gathering their warriors at the headwater of the Black River.

5) Recently, Caellor of the Snowhawk clan had been sent out into the wilderness to perform his ritual of Manhood. Four days passed and Caellor had not returned. Fearing he did not pass the ritual of Manhood, his father and two other clansmen went searching for him. They found the remains of a campsite and signs that pointed to a fierce struggle. One of the village trackers recognized the tracks of Caellor’s attackers as that of the mystical ‘Snow Men’. Legends state that the Snow Men are degenerate beasts who walk as men and occasionally come down out of the frozen north to kill, pillage and sometimes take sacrifices back to their blood soaked altars. Joruth, Caellor’s father, is searching for anyone who is brave enough to help him track down the Snow Men and return with his son.

6) A new Border Baron has claimed the lands south of the Great Salt Marsh. He’s call’s himself ‘Lord Vejentus’ of Nemedia. Lord Vejentus has recently come from Nemedia, banished for his attempts to avoid paying the Kings Tax. Vejentus has no respect for borders or treaty’s and is taking whatever he thinks he needs. He has run out all the local robber barons and beast-men and is now making raids across the Cimmerian border for women and slaves. Several robber barons as well as Cimmerian clans are gathering warriors and mercenaries to put a quick end to Lord Vejentus’s rule.

7) Several Cimmerian hunters have reported seeing several thousand Aquilonian troops along the border. Some of the hunters recognize the banner of General Garlanus, leader of the Black Legion army. Runners have been sent to all the clans along the border and beyond. Could another Venarium be happening? It would not bode well for Cimmeria if that were the case. After recovering from recent Vanir raids and dealing with traitorous Border Kingdom barons, Cimmeria is in no shape to fight off another invasion. Cimmerian scouts report that the Black Legion is just sitting on the border, waiting…..
Although you did'nt ask it, I'll tell you what I think of your Cimmerians hooks.
I like ( :wink: ) very much hooks n° 3, 5 and 7, but n° 5 implies you have only Cimmerian players from the snowhawk clan as I can't imagine a Cimmerian asking for help to some unknown outsiders. If you play n° 7 on the Cimmerian side, then the players also have to be Cimmerians (or Aesirs), but it could be interesting to perform a commando-like action and kill the general and the other high officers of the Black Legion before they can wage war on Cimmerian ground.
Hooks n° 1 and 2 are not bad either (still have to developp my ideas on them).
Hooks n° 4 and 6 could be interesting ( :roll: ) but I can only see them with the mass combat system.
Many of your hooks can be developped into whole campaigns, especially the seventh one where I will permit myself to develop your hook further. Seeing Aquilonia dragged to war with Cimmeria after the Black Legion debacle, the Nemedian king wonders if the time is not rife to cross the borders and invade his powerful rival with its Ophirian and Kothian allies. Coincidentally, the Picts choose this very moment to launch a mass attack on the Westermarck.
The fate of Aquilonia is at stake!
But where is the King? (could he possibly have been abducted at Aquilonia's worst hour?).
What if Thoth-Amon himself was pulling the strings in the shadow? This is stuff for a slaine-like campaign.
The King,

Thanks for the detailed review. You definately expand on one of my adventure hooks in just the manner I had hoped. It sounds like a great campaign. Definately very Epic.

Eric in Vegas