Chiken hawk or ape

Chiken Hawk Or Ape.

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Ape because it doesn't tend to kill my Tanker nearly so often as that infernal Chickenhawk with it's thrice damned Blizzard launcher! :lol:


Well, it really depends on what you are looking for. Each is great in its role on the field. Here is my take:

M8 Ape
Great survivability
Can mix it up close and personal with bugs
Can shoot on the bounce

Lots of firepower
Mobile firebase

My take on all that:
I like using my Lt in a M8 for suvivability. I also like a NCO in a M9 for mobile fire support. In the end, of you need more firepower, use the M9. If you need to protect a model or need close in support, use the M8.


Greg Smith

Ape is hard to kill, but lacking in serious firepower.

Chickenhawk has a great weapon loadout and is the better of the two. IMHO.


Like Bullshot said, it depends on what you want to do with it. Both have advantages over the other. I prefer a mix of them. Mostly M8s with some M9s for added firepower.


Gimme the APe, I'm sorry but the chickenhawk looks silly, sure it has better fire capabilities, but the ape is nothing to sneeze at..


Both, mix them up.

I use two or three apes and screen the chickenhawk. The MI make it a point to rally around either suit...

Of course the tunnels sometimes change that little plan.....


Ape model looks better, but C hawk gets my vote gamewise as it's loaded with fire power.
Just wish that they'd made the C Hawk bigger like in the series.
Im much more on the hobby side of any minnies game, so i go for the more asthetic looking one.
though the chicken hawk does fill its role very well...
I went with the Chickenhawk, but only from a game standpoint. You just can't beat the support fire! My one true gripe about it is the size, it should be bigger than the Apes. From a visual standpoint, I prefer the Ape. Don't really know why, I just like the look of it, I guess.

Major Chaos

I have to go with the Ape since it is more imposing :twisted: I really do love both in game terms tho they both have a niche.