Character Sheet User Guide


I'm sure i'm not the only person with this question. I wonder ...
Paranoia Starter Set - - includes 'Character Cards'. Let's pretend my home printer gone out of ink, all my Character sheets from Form Pack devoured by my home plants, and so on. Oh, and let's pretend i'm so old, that pen and paper were my group's best friends all the time, and all this 'char sheet app' and other electronic devices are too complicated to use right now.
My question as simple as 'how i'm supposed to use 'Character Cards' properly? (yes, those 4 or 5 cardboard pieces of laminated excellence i feared to touch before this post)
I heard there was some kind of special pens, that allows you use 'Character Cards' multiple times. But maybe i missed that passage in Player's Handbook, or Master's Handbook (though i must blame regular CoreTech uploads). 'Permanent marker' thing is not an option, right?