Card Game: Cancel card takes all cards?


There's a Cancel Card (the Bribe card I think) that allows the playing Troubleshooter to take the card he/she cancelled. What happens if another Troubleshooter plays the same card to cancel the cancel card? Does the second TB get 2 cards? And if a third? (I think there's 4 in the deck) does this 3rd TB get 3 cards?

Lib-R-TEE: I'm playing a Flame Thrower on you!
Elm-R-FUD: Oh, but I'll Bribe that away from you! Give me that Flame Thrower, thank you.
Lib-R-TEE: Awww... oh but wait! I'm going to Bribe that Bribe from you. Give me both those cards!
Toys-R-RUS: <ahem> Excuse me, but I think I'll enter this Bribe war and take all THREE of those cards! Booyah!

Is that how it works?

The Bribe card is very specific - and thankfully I only found two of them in my box! The Play Anytime text reads:

Cancel the card just played. You may put it in your hand.

So, if Troubleshooter A plays Hand Flamer on Troubleshooter B, Troubleshooter B could cancel it with Bribe. If Troubleshooter C then played his own Bribe on Troubleshooter B's Bribe - Troubleshooter C takes Troubleshooter B's Bribe card - and the Hand Flamer is no longer cancelled (as the card that cancelled it got cancelled). Therefore, Troubleshooter A assigns Troubleshooter B one Wound Token and randomly chooses a card from B's hand to discard; while C chuckles gleefully and strokes his newly acquired Bribe card.

Yeah, that makes sense, cancelling the cancel means the original card is still in effect. Not sure why we didn't think of that...