Call for photos again


Cosmic Mongoose
Hello guys, I'm looking for pictures of good fan-painted minis for my website I'm going to have a separate page for each fleet list (meaning 3 for EA as well) and would like a good photo of an "Iconic" ship to represent the fleet. The picture won't be on the cards, but will appear on the pages for the cards. For each fleet I'd like a picture of:

Early EA: Hyperion
3rd age EA: Omega
Crusade EA: Apollo (pretty sure it will be 3rd age list. does anyone else think another ship would better represent?)
Centauri: Primus
Narn: G'Quan
Minbari: Sharlin
ISA: Victory
Vorlon: Heavy Cruiser
Shadow: Shadow Ship
Abbai: Bimith
Brakiri: Avioki
Drazi: Sunhawk
Vree: Xill
Raider: Carrier
Dilgar: ??? suggestions welcome

I know you guys have some great models out there? What do you say?

should be cool. Whatever happened to Pixel geek and his handy cards?

anyhow, do you want them on a standard background, ie all black, all white.. and would you want "traditional" colours, eg my brakiri are a grey rather than green. but I'm tempted to finish my Avioki.
for the crusade era, I would suggest the Warlock. it has appeared, however briefly in the shows, I don't believe the Appollo has. i know the warlock appears in the 3rd age (which seems a bit daft) but it is an iconic ship.
warlock would be a good crusade era ship, I just couldn't recall if it was in the fleet list off the top of my head.

A white background would be best...unless the ship is white. then black would be better. I'll be intergrating them in photoshop with a starry sky background I already have, and a nice uniform color to edit out will make it easy. I'd prefer "traditional" colors, but I'll take what I can get.

:-( hey ho, so much for my need to get away from green Brakiri ;-)
I'll try to get Wing commander to send a picture of his Drakh raiders, they actually have a nice paint job.. oh wait, you didn't mention Drakh.. I'll asume a lapse in concentration. Looking forward to the sheets as ever.
ah! you're right, they did slip my mind. Yes, I'll need Drakh of course, and the raiders or Heavy raiders would be great.




hope you like them ;)
Chernobyl, I was looking at your site the other day and I noticed a couple of errors with the Brakiri Brikorta card - It currently has graviton pulsars of

F - 6 (should be 4)

P - 4 (should be 3)

S - 4 (should be 3)

A - 2 (correct)

T - 2 (correct)

Just thought I'd mention it because I'll be using them in the tourney ;) but you don't have to bother fixing it or anything, I just thought I'd let you know.
I wouldn't have the Warlock as my Crusade Era ship, as it appears in the 3rd Age too (in 2261+, whereas the Crusade Era is, I believe, 2267+). I would have the Marathon as it seems to be the replacement for the Omega.
Uncle Ade said:
Dont think I like this angle, and I am no photographer, but I enjoyed painting it anyhow.


I'd have it faced the other way, and lower the angle so you're looking at the bow more squarely, if you can achieve that with the equipment you have.

Just me nit-picking now, but from my art studies I've found pictures more engaging if the bulk of it is in the right-most third of the frame. The "golden section" as they say. The right hand side is just a personal preference.
Prelude_to_War has PM'd me previously for the hyperion picture, which I've already agreed to. Im-Rehsa, You'ev got soem great Avoiki, and I can use one of the Omega pictures too. Very nice!! probably the first one...
Uncle Ade, the Victory looks great also. I'd definately like to use one of those pictures.

OK, so thats 4 of about 15 or so, keep em' coming! Thanks guys!

For the Dilgar i'd suggest the Targath.

No idea why, but thats the one I always think of when I think of Dilgar ships (Come to think of it probably because its the one on the front of the AoG Dilgar book)...

I've got a nice offer for a warlock (by friendlyfire) now, so EA looks like its covered. How about those alien races?

I saw Ades Victory on Saturday at IdGaming for the Drakh invasion!! The pics do it no justice!! I have moderatley painted Bimith/Milanis/Lakara for the Abbai or Avioki's/Brokodos/Tashkats/Haliks/Ikortas for the Brakiri if you want any of those i can take pics and send them to u!

@Im-Rehsa, they are fantastic Aviokis you have there mate!! Nice work!

well, I think we've got the Avoiki's covered (Im-Rehsa's pictures on previous page) but the Bimith would be good!