B5 Ships / Fleets for trade



It didn't occur to me until now to post here to see if anyone wants to set up a deal. I've got some extra B5 items that I'm willing to part with in trade for other B5 items I need more.

I'm looking for pretty much anything from the core races, as well as the Brakiri, but am open to pretty much everything.

Just shoot me a PM here with what you're looking for, what you've got, and preferably an e-mail so we can talk easier.

Although I'm willing to trade worldwide, it's worth noting that I'm located in the U.S.

Here's a tentative list of what I have extras of. I have more than this to offer, this is just what I'll miss the least.

EA Oracle Scouts (ACTA / B5 Wars)
EA Badger Assault Fighters x6 (B5 Wars)
EA Aurora Starfury Fighters x27 (B5 Wars)
EA Thunderbolt Fighters x12 (B5 Wars)
EA Omega Destroyers x2 (Fleet Action)
EA Oracle Scouts x7 (Fleet Action)
EA Sagittarius Missile Cruiser x2 (Fleet Action)
EA Tethys Police Cutters x6 (Fleet Action)

Abbai Bimith Defender (ACTA/B5 Wars)
Abbai Milani Carrier (ACTA/B5 Wars)

Brakiri Falkosi Fighters x40 (ACTA/Fleet Action)
Brakiri Brokados Carriers x2 (Fleet Action)
Brakiri Halik Fighter-Killers x4 (Fleet Action)
Brakiri Ikorta Assault Cruisers x4 (Fleet Action)

Centauri Vorchan Cruisers x5 (ACTA/B5 Wars)
Centauri Altarian Destroyers x6 (Fleet Action)
Centauri Corvan Scouts x2 (Fleet Action)
Centauri Primus Cruisers x4 (Fleet Action)

Dilgar Wahant Assault Ship (ACTA/B5 Wars)
Dilgar Ochlavita Destroyer (ACTA/B5 Wars)

Drazi Fireraptor (ACTA/B5 Wars)
Drazi Sky Serpent Super Heavy Fighters (B5 Wars)

Gaim Shrutaa Queen Battleship x1 (ACTA)
Gaim Shaakak Queen Light Cruiser x1 (ACTA)
Gaim Skrunnka Assault Ships x4 (ACTA)
Gaim Klikkita Fighters x48 (ACTA)
Gaim Klikkitak Fighters x48 (ACTA)

Minbari Combat Flyers x4 (B5 Wars)
Minbari Nial Fighters x7 (B5 Wars)

Narn Frazi Fighters x5 (B5 Wars)

Pak'Ma'Ra Pshul'shi Guardian (ACTA/B5 Wars)
Pak'Ma'Ra Urik'Hal Supermerchant (ACTA/B5 Wars)

Raider Delta-V's x18 (ACTA / Fleet Action)

Boarding Pods x16 (ACTA)

-Some other non-B5 ships that I have to offer
Battlefleet Gothic, Chaos Cruisers x4
Battlefleet Gothic, Imperial Cruisers x8
Battlefleet Gothic, Imperial Cobra Destroyers x3

Full Thrust, Japanese Shogun Command Dreadnought x1
Full Thrust, Japanese Samurai Class Heavy Cruiser x1
Full Thrust, Japanese Akagi Class Supercarrier x1

Iron Wind Metals, Aerotech 2 Avalon Cruiser
Iron Wind Metals, Aerotech 2 Aegis Heavy Cruiser
Iron Wind Metals, Aerotech 2 Eagle Frigate

Noble Armada, Imperial Hawkwood Maestekulos Deadnought x1
Noble Armada, Imperial Hawkwood Vindicator Landers x1
Noble Armada, Decados Defiler Landers x2

Star Blazers, Dark Star Nebula Battleship x1
Star Blazers, Yamoto Battleship x1

TSR Space Frontiers, Federation Frigates x4
TSR Space Frontiers, Federation Scouts x4
TSR Space Frontiers, Pirate Frigates x4
TSR Space Frontiers, Pirate Scouts x4

Thanks. 8)