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Vote for Faction and state why you like them.

I like the MI they to me have that last stand heroic kinda feel to them I like being on the last line of defence and 100s of 1000s of bugs under above and on the surface coming right at you.
Bugs, because you can always find people who want to play MI, and the arachnid models really can't be beat. Plus we get Tanker and Plasma bugs, which makes me feel like I'm playing an Armored Company or something.
I enjoy collecting and playing both MI and bugs. I doubt that I'll collect Skinnies or any other races, though.
I like playing bugs, but I vastly prefer building and painting my MI - There's just something annoying about spending an hour painting a 15 point figure.......
The best part of the MI is the ability to develop a unit identity. In my case, it's Davidson's Dragoons, the 1st Platoon of F Troop, 2/7th Cavalry.

The bugs are more of a vast, nameless horde.
Right now the MI are my thing, mainly cuz of the whole man vs alien setup, although I am sure in the future I will flesh out an Arachnid or Skinny army along with my Humans.
Back when I was playing D&D, I always liked to be the DM controlling the monsters. Now playing the Arachnids I can still be the scourge from which the MI players can save all of humanity. Somebody has to be the bad guy, and I've been told I'm a pretty bad guy. :p
I collect both 'cos I'm the only player around here.

But I think the bugs are cooler, and by and large, better models than the MI (excepting that piece of !@#$ called the brain bug).

The basic bug soldiers in the boxed game are good models, very easily posable, easy to get good painting results from and and look great when painted.

The MI... I have been disappointed with the static and limited range of poses of the MI in the boxed game. I see the other kits (heroes, etc) look better, but with 32 MI in my two boxed sets, I am using them before I buy any of the specialist MI like veterans, female MI or heroes.

The M8 and 9 are cool though.
well, err, both for me, they are good models on both sides and if you can't have funny eating all of those humans at some point you just hvae no sense of fun.
Bugs are best. MI are nothing more than talentless cannon-fodder (conveniently forgets about Warriors :wink:)

Plus Plasmas, Tankers and Hoppers are officially great, compared to only the CHAS's which, I will admit, are officially great also.

So that's 3-1 in the greatness stakes. See - Bugs!
I go with the Bugs. It's soooo much fun to see the look of dismay on the MI players' faces when, after they set up their handfuls of troops, I start laying out masses of warriors & friends, then say, "Not done yet, I have to get the other box out of my car."
bugs, as when you have enough of them you get a great ooohhhh..... factor!!

and the amount of models scares the be-jesus out of 40K players who have no idea how the system works :lol:
I have made a chas bot out of a griffen from the mechwarrior dark age game and I am going to play test it today. The MI have an awesome chance againts the bugs if you play disaplend(I thik thats how you spell it)on the battle field and think hard about what the bugs are trying to do.