Bu and Embla Visit Vrirhlanz - on PDF

Did you ever figure out what was wrong with the cover of Makergod?
I can't tell if this is like a final boss riddle... Is there something wrong with the cover of Makergod? (I don't touch the art/layout side, my most helpful reactions are limited to (y) and (n))
I think there was an article about the Hlanssai in The Journal of Travellers' Aid Society Volume 4 and it was used for this little adventure. Page 4 lists the benefits for a Hlanssai Traveller. It does not have a Cash table but lists Cash as a reward if you roll a 1 on the benefit table. Does anyone know how many Credits this would be?
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We have just posted a complete and self-contained - and free! - adventure for Traveller.

Bu and Embla Visit Vrirhlanz is a free adventure following the exploits of Bu and Embla as they visit the Hlanssai homeworld, Vrirhlanz.

Join Bu and Embla, Travellers of Charted Space, as they visit the world of Vrirhlanz in the Vargr Extents, to take a break with Embla’s family. The homeworld of the Hlanssai, who have made their way throughout Charted Space on ships of the Vargr, Vrirhlanz is as chaotic as the Hlanssai themselves. On a world technically ruled by Vargr, learn how the Hlanssai keep themselves free of outside control and hear Embla’s reflections on her home from the perspective of one who has travelled across entire sectors.

You can download your own copy straight away right here: https://preview.drivethrurpg.com/en/product/463905/Bu-And-Embla-Visit-Vrihlanz

This is our Christmas gift to all dedicated Travellers. We wish you a very merry holiday and a prosperous New Year!

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Is this product going to be Forever Free like Death Station and Stranded?