Bridge Crew Stations

The High Guard (both the old & the 2022 update) have additionnal sensor station in the spacecraft options.
Best guess, those stations have the same requirement than other crew stations. That would give you a max number of crew stations.
And if you are using smaller bridges, you can double the number of stations (they are more cramped), so you can cram as many stations in you small 6dT bridge than in a normal 10dT bridge.
But this is a maximum, many ships will never use that many stations. An express boat has a 10dT bridge with 2 stations (Astrogator & Engineer) and a Free trader has the same bridge for 3 stations & an office (2.5 dT on the map).
Don't really know.

With touchscreens, you could have a general purpose workstation, and pull up the menus for a specific spacecraft function.

Also, a bridge for trolls needs more space per workstation, than one for gnomes.
"If you want to cross a bridge my sweet you've got to pay the toll"

I do think that it is a question of how many people can sit in the space given that any location can be any station because of {pick your favorite reason of screen/transfer controls/etc.}.
That is brought up in several of the various novels and adventures.
For my adventure class ships, I usually try to fit in pilot, astrogator, sens-ops, engineering and a gunner station for each weapon. The gunner spots go in last in case they don't fit. Sometimes a captain's chair, especially on a larger patrol or small warship, where Naval Tactics will be of regular benefit.
IMU, the bridge station displays/controls can be logged over to different stations, requiring a ship's combat turn (concurrent with the person changing jobs) just not as completely or efficiently as holographic controls.