Breadth of RP

How broadly do you RP regularly?

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When my old group was together we did all sorts of stuff, D&D, RM, 2300,etc.

Now, I mainly game on line, Trek and some D20 stuff.
D20 is probably the system I play least (at least at the moment). The only thing that attracts me to it is the current crop of licences (Judge Dredd, Slaine - though both of these I'll never actually get a chance to play, I just want the books! -and Stargate SG1).

In truth, I'm probably playing D&D (first edition circe 1974 but with tweaks) more due to a bizarre twist of fate - the GM has never seen a need to buy updated versions (such as AD&D) when he could just tweak the one he had to fit the setting he was using.

Recently, I've run a lot of Buffy (lovely, simple system that just wouldn't work with d20 IMO), and before that a lot of Babylon 5 using Traveller mechanics (but not the whole ruleset), and played in a variety of home grown rules systems for a fantasy pirates setting (said GM with D&D likes to tweak and evolve rules systems).
Our gaming gaumet runs from d20 to more eclectic ancient systems, though I am only now about to start playing D&D d20.

Judge Dredd has been big, and exceptionally popular game based around a Civilian Gangster game, sending up the Sopranos and Godfather. Started in January, it ran for 6 full months, with 1-2 sessions of 6-10 hours each week.

The Current Love is 'All Flesh Must Be Eaten' from Eden Studios. Seems one dimensional at first, but is a deceptively well produced game. Zombies have never been so much fun.

Pendragon - This old timer has been running for years now, infact some of the players have been in the campaign longer than the 6 years I have known them. It regualarly takes up about half of a years sessions, and is without doubt one of the best Fantasy RPGs out there.

Legend of the 5 Rings - Samurai Epic, now in its third year, and fourth campaign arc. Samurai classic with a lovely balance between action and political objectives. The system is quite a nice balance between progression and development.

Call of Cthulhu - My personal love and IMHO the best game out there. Certainly the most challenging. D20 is a nice addition to the BPR fold, tho possibly only with a few changes to the core rules.

Others - We have also had Herowars, a herowars pendragon session and several attempts at SLA (a game in dire need of a system overhaul - Fantastic but a little too player dominanted)
My group will play just about anything. There's a guy who loves the Palladium system, another guy that what's to run all the systems you don't normally see people play (TORG, Teenager From Outer Space, etc.), someone ran the L5R system (not the D20 tie-in, the original), and I myself know the D6 system and Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. Of course we have the people that know the D20 system well enough to run that. Our group is actually quite diversified on what we know and like to run.
My current groups are:
D&D (4 different campaigns with 4 different DMs) almost every friday
D&D/AU/Buffy (one of that rotating by how everybody got time) every second thursday
Marvel Universe/Witchcraft/7th Sea (currently 7th Sea) every monday
and a few irregular campaigns
- two 7th Sea campaigns
- one Legend of 5 Rings campaign
- one Champions campaingn
- one Ars Magica campaign

Those are once every 2-3 months on one or two days of a weekend