Brakanbar Keep aka Stormwatch and future ideas for S&P

I've just read the updated version, the combat between Kai and Helghast works well. I'm assuming Lady Whitemoon has a magical blade!
Btw, who, or what, is Jalvaran? Even if it hadn't been mentioned it would be obvious that Whitemoon is a Kai, the name and the cloak are a give away. Jalvaran hasn't got a Kai name so either he joined the order very late or the Kai occasionaly send eight year olds into perilous situations! A BoTCS perhaps?
Adding my comments to Toothill Man I do think it is easy to over use Helghast. There main role, based on the LW books, should be as infiltraters first and foremost (incidentally, can anyone remember whether or not a Helghast has ever disguised itself as a specific person? I can only recall general types.). I suppose they could occasionaly be used in a more direct manner, but it does seem a waste of there skills. A Vordak, armed with some sort of magic weapon, would seem more appropiate, after all they are supposed to be the lieutenants of the Darklords armies. Unfortunatly for some reason the RPG gives them a suprisingly low intelligence, meaning they could be out witted by Giaks!
I always up my Helghast's stats a little in the intelligence department. I think it might be due to the fact they're listed as undead servitors. Jalavan is certainly not eight years old, he's young but that could be anywhere between 20-30 in his case.

Since Helghast can only be harmed by a magical weapon or magic, then Whitemoon certainly has one of those. I was struck by Joe's own words when he was recovering from his recent illness - something about the Kai being with him and their blades shining, kind of inspired me there.

I mean...I'm young ;) and I'm only 36! Aint over the Hill yet! ;)

If you have Magic of Magnamund you might guess Jalavan's chosen career, it has something to do with the silver fire.

I'm not in the habit of writing Lone Wolf fiction, actually, to be truthful I'm not in the habit of writing any world fiction but my own since I usually dislike trying to write in other people's worlds because everyone has a different view of those world elements. I haven't read the books in such a long time, and even though I've read them all - I haven't really retained much apart from the gamebooks like Fire on the Water etc.

So the whole overused Helghast thing for me is a moot point. But if you want to draw someone to a point/place then you use something formidable -- like a Helghast, there's more to the story than first meets the eye.
toothill man said:
DuskFox said:
you just tried to recruit me as a dwarf. I'm Dusk Fox. To put this in perspective for you, I'm the one who recruited Al. It's rather impossible for me to join as a dwarf if I'm already a Kai Lord.

am a natural born sales man :lol: and so given a job will do it to the best of my abilities so even if saw joe denver would ask him nicely if he has joined tower of the sun and if not if he would care too join as a dwarf gunner it would be a catch :wink: :lol:

as you cannot yourself join know anyone who would be up for a laugh and unlimited bor brew :twisted: 8) :lol:

:D :D

Yeah, DF got me over at the Tower! He is also one of the few non-Dwarfs who have ever been inside the Forges of Bor!

toothill man said:
well you said go and recruit sir and so I did :shock: :lol:

And you are doing a great job! No doubt about that, I just think DFs response was hilarious.

I am Dusk Fox. Do you hear me... I AM DUSK FOX!!!

to any non kai grand masters who want to join tower of the sun join today and if you like beer and sharp shooting join the gunners of bor and we will make a dwarf out of you boy 8)
Bon-Al Ironforge said:
toothill man said:
well you said go and recruit sir and so I did :shock: :lol:

And you are doing a great job! No doubt about that, I just think DFs response was hilarious.

I am Dusk Fox. Do you hear me... I AM DUSK FOX!!!


Nice try, but not good enough. More properly, that would be...


The title is important.

By the by, I maintain that Colonel Budderbal Granitearse is a dwarf in all the ways that count.
ask al to tell it or see if you can get him to let you into the bor only section were all will be revealed 8) anyone out their not attached want to be a dwarf and shot the bad guys lots :wink: 8) :lol:
The Wolf said:
This particular nuance eludes me, but amuses me no end. You'll have to regale me with that story Dusk Fox :)?


Like Toothill Man said, Al can tell that one, if he likes. After all, he's the leader of the dwarves. If he declines, I may explain Colonel Budderbal Granitearse.
The Wolf said:
Hehe, I was talking about the Cheatingest Cheater, the story behind that eludes me...but interests me :)

Ah. Well, when I've got a bit more time later (maybe tomorrow), I'll explain. That one's all me.
Okay, okay, okay... okay. I'll tell the story.

When I first started playing Lone Wolf (the game books, not the RPG) I was just a kid, and I'd picked up Shadow on the Sand because it was the longest of the books (not knowing that there was an order to the series). Playing through the book, I automatically assumed some things to make the story easier on myself.

I had every Discipline.

I had Weaponskill with every weapon.

I won every fight.

I had every Backpack Item or Special Item I was asked for.

I automatically chose the best result for any random number request.

Any instant death just made me backtrack. In fact, I could backtrack whenever I wanted to.

I found myself confused by some of the bits in the story, but overall, successfully completing the adventure was a snap (for obvious reasons). I ended up picking up the earlier books, and pretty much played them the way I'd played the first adventure. Later attempts would have me scan section by section in each book looking for the coolest Special Items, as well--this was the trade-off for actually accepting that I could only say I had the Special Items I had actually already obtained (though I didn't place a limit on how many I could carry).

In short, every way there was for me to logically cheat while playing Lone Wolf was the way I played.

Flash forward to now, when I play by a version of the rules that, by comparison to the version I just stated, seems rigid and unforgiving. I follow the rules for how many Backpack Items, Special Items, and Crowns I can carry. I do not automatically win fights. I always roll for random number choices and stick with the result I got. I choose Disciplines, and play them the way they're meant to be played. I don't choose my Special Items based on the adventure (so I don't leave the Sommerswerd behind to save myself from the big bad Zakhan).

Of course, I know all the best paths through the books now, and where all the best magic items are. I start with the best scores in CS and Endurance, because why bother with anything less than the best? I was discussing this with a friend of mine, who shook his head and said, "You're just an unrepentant cheater."

My response? "I'm not just a cheater; I'm the cheater! In fact, I may well be the cheatingest cheater in Magnamund!"

And so I gave myself the title right around the time I joined Project Aon, which is why my avatar there is of The Cheat.
I started that way too, though my first book was Fire on the Water. Years later I went back and tried them normally, and was surprised at how hard some of those books could be. Still, it was the LW game books that first got me into gaming.