Book Binding for Conan AE book


I just got a new copy of Conan AE off ebay, and was wondering if anybody had a similar issue with the binding of this book? Granted, the book is huge, 350+ pages, but is the page binding supposed to be separated from the spine of the book? I assume its usable, and the pages don't appear to be falling out (with the exception of the second page of the book, which appears to be slightly ripped along the binding).

Just wondering though, because otherwise, the book is in great shape.
Back in the day, better hardbacks were with clusters of pages ("signatures", IIRC) which were sewn onto a strip of sturdy cloth. It was this cloth that was just inside the hard spine of a book. Now, books are just slapped together with a bit of glue that becomes hard, brittle, breakable in a short amount of time. What you see is probably that strip of cloth. I think the AE is pretty well-made compared to most books.

So sue me -- I'm an old-school bibliophile! :D
Yeah! That's exactly what I mean. Aside from the binding of the book slipping a little when opened and closed while not on a table top, the book actually seems very sturdy when compared to other glued binding books from WOTC or other publishers.

I'll assume then that this is normal. Thanks!