BMR Advice?



Those who have game mastered Blood Moon Rising, could you give me some feedback on what worked for you and what didn't. I'm going to be running this this weekend and want to be prepared.

Players of Blood Moon Rising, what parts did you like the best and what parts did you not like so much. Any parts you would have liked to spent more time on or anyting that dragged too much that you would have rather moved along a little faster.

Thanks for the help,
4 players, at least 3rd level (main villain is just to powerful)

only used a "bigger dungeon" for the artifact

rest was great
We played it with 5x 2nd level characters and felt overwhelmed. The monster is seemingly invulnerable and is a little disturbing to players knowing that they have no magic gear to deal with something. We even had to scrounge arrows eventually from corpses.