Blood Moon Rising



Could those of you who have ran the Blood Moon Rising Adventure for your group tell me what level I should make the characters if I only have 2 players. I hate just filling in the extra characters with NPCs so I would like to just give the two of them a level boost when they make their characters.
didn't run it already, but I'd take your 2 Pc's directly to lvl 3, maybe 4. And adjust the opposing forces as well, cause one level 3 carater fighting 3 creatures isn't quite the same as three lvl 1's, fighting simultaneously...

moreover, the most important issue (more than level choice) si character classe choice : as the party will only include 2 players, they'll have to cover a very broad field of expertise. From this point of view, I'd suggest at least one of the two being a Kaï lord, withe a very versatile choice of disciplines, the other being whatever is needed to bring the unsopported skills.

the major functions in any med-fan RPG party being : fighting, wildrness survival, academic skill, arcane and magical stuff, healing... Pick character classes accordingly.